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Pavo Privacy- and cookie Statement

Pavo respects the privacy of all the people it comes into contact with. This can include customers, employees, business relations, website visitors or other people. Pavo thinks it’s very important for your personal data to be dealt with in a confidential manner and that the privacy laws and regulations are complied with. This privacy statement will provide you with information about the way in which Pavo processes your personal data.

Who is responsible for your data?
Pavo is a Stimulan B.V. brand (hereinafter: “Pavo”), a subsidiary of ForFarmers N.V. Pavo is the party responsible for processing your personal data. Pavo’s contact details are as follows: Pavo, Postbus 180, 5830 AD Boxmeer, tel: +31 485-490 700, email: info@pavo.nl.

When does Pavo collect your personal data?
Personal data can include the following: name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address or IP address. Pavo collects your personal data if you, for example, complete a form, send a letter or email or call our customer service department. You will also be providing us with your personal data if you visit one of the Pavo websites, or if you leave your details there or with one of the sites or employees. Personal data can also be collected within the scope of a (potential) customer or business relationship with Pavo.

What does Pavo use your personal data for?  
Pavo uses your personal data for the benefit of efficient and effective business operations, for the supply of products and services and, in particular, for the execution of the following activities:

  • Pavo processes personal data for the execution of agreements and in order to maintain relationships with customers, suppliers and other involved parties. Pavo will record, for example, the name, address details and telephone number of a customer or the customer’s representatives for the execution of an order and for the provision of a service and Pavo will amend these details in case of any changes. Pavo can use your email address to provide you with information regarding your order, invoice and/or the products you have ordered. Pavo bases itself on the execution of an agreement or its legitimate interests in relation to this processing, as the maintenance of relationships is necessary within the context of normal business operations.

    Pavo account
    Pavo also processes personal data, such as login details, name, delivery and invoice address and telephone number, when customers create a Pavo account. This account will provide customers with an overview of their orders. Pavo can use the data, which has been made available, for example, via the Pavo account, to help customers with any possible questions. Pavo strives to provide an optimal service provision, based on legitimate interests.
  • Pavo processes personal data from (potential) relations, such as your address details and email address and your visit to our website, in order to allow for marketing activities to be carried out. Where necessary, personal data within this context will be processed based on permission. Pavo’s customers’ personal data is processed based on legitimate interests for direct marketing purposes, as these activities form part of Pavo’s normal business operations.
  • Customer contact details may be processed for communication purposes, such as the provision of information regarding products and/or services, via a newsletter, the website, social media or otherwise and for the provision of information in relation to, for example, events. Permission will be requested beforehand for the provision of information via a newsletter. Please refer to the Cookie Policy below for information regarding cookies. Pavo’s legitimate interests form the basis for activities which form part of Pavo’s normal business operations for all other communication purposes.
  • Jobseekers can leave personal data with us, such as their contact details and CV, based on permission. Pavo can use this data to assess whether or not a jobseeker is going to be invited in for an interview.
  • Invoice and payment details will be processed for the benefit of the financial administration and internal control. Pavo uses a secure payment environment. When you pay with iDeal or you make a bank transfer, your details will be stored in our administration in order to link your payment to your order. Your bank account details will subsequently only be used if money needs to be returned to you. If paying by credit card, Bancontact (Mister Cash) or Paypal, the credit card details will be sent straight to ModusLink Global Solutions from the secure environment. They handle the credit card payments. Pavo therefore doesn’t see the credit card details. ModusLink Global Solutions will only indicate whether or not the payment was successful. The basis of this processing is the execution of an agreement (order). Moduslink also uses your name and address and phone number data to validate payments
  • In order to protect people (like visitors and employees), information, buildings and products, we may ask visitors to our location for their name and company details. In such cases personal data will be processed based on Pavo’s legitimate interests where security is concerned.
  • Pavo processes data such as the visited web pages, click and surf behaviour, the internet browser and the duration of a visit or session for development and analysis purposes, in order to improve Pavo’s websites. The legitimate interests are the basis for this processing. We would like to refer you to the Cookie Policy below.

Who can Pavo share your personal data with?
Pavo will not sell your personal data to third parties and will exclusively use this for the aforementioned purposes. Pavo can, within the context of its business operations, involve third parties. Insofar as these third parties are going to be processing your personal data whilst carrying out the business activities, the required measures will be implemented in order to ensure your data will exclusively be processed to the extent this is necessary within the context. Pavo will subsequently only provide third parties with your details in cases where it’s obliged to do so, such as in the case of a court order, or if it has been given prior permission.

The exchange of data within the ForFarmers Group (which Pavo forms part of)
If you are a Pavo customer, your personal data may be exchanged within the ForFarmers Group, which Pavo forms part of. This can be done for administrative purposes. Pavo thereby bases itself on its legitimate interests, as these activities involve Pavo’s normal business operations.

How long will your personal data be stored for?
Pavo will not store personal data for longer than is necessary for the aforementioned purposes. The storage term for personal data will depend on the purpose for which the personal data is being used. We will always have consideration for the applicable legal storage term, the reasonable expectation that personal data will still be used for the purpose for which it was obtained and for Pavo’s legitimate interests. Personal data will be anonymised or deleted as soon as it’s no longer needed.

Security of your personal data
Pavo has introduced the required security measures to avoid any unauthorised use of your personal data. Pavo has an information security policy in place and trains its employees in line with this policy. Pavo has also implemented measures in relation to physical and digital access security.

Requests to view, correct, delete, object to and transfer data
If you have created your own account with Pavo, you will have access to most of your personal data. You can change or delete a number of details yourself at any given moment, for example where your account details are concerned.

If you would like to view all the personal data we have collected on you, or if you don’t have your own Pavo account, you can submit a request for this via email to info@pavo.nl.
You can also use this email address if you would like us to correct or remove your personal data, or if you would like to object to us processing your data, or if you would like to use your data transfer right.

Questions, comments or complaints
For questions, comments or complains about the protection of your personal data by Pavo, please contact us via Postbus 180, 5830 AD Boxmeer, tel: +485-490 700 or email: info@pavo.nl.  

You also have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory entity on the grounds of the applicable privacy laws and regulations.

Pavo’s privacy statement can change if new developments give rise to this. The most up to date privacy statement can always be found on Pavo’s website. This privacy statement was prepared on 22nd May 2018.


Cookie Policy

Pavo’s Cookie Policy contains information about the use of cookies and similar techniques (hereinafter to be referred to as ‘cookies’) on Pavo’s www.pavo.net website and the Pavo websites linked to this.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a simple text file which is stored by your browser in your web browser or device’s memory when you visit a website. Information is stored in this text file and the text file enables a website to recognise specific devices or browsers. A cookie therefore contains information about, for example, an advertisement or an advertiser or a unique ID code.

There are various different cookies which have different functionalities. Some cookies are necessary, as the website won’t work otherwise. There are also cookies which are useful to the visitor, for example because this will remember in which language you want to read the website. Cookies are often used to keep tabs on what you are doing on the internet, for example to provide information regarding which pages you have looked at. Please be aware of the fact that you will lose or won’t be able to use certain website functionalities if you don’t accept cookies or delete these.

Different cookies:
Functional cookies:
Functional cookies are necessary for using the website you are visiting, for example to recognise the fact you are the same user who visited the previous page of the website, or to remember your preferences.

Analytical cookies:
Analytical cookies are used for the continuous improvement of the website. These keep track of visitor statistics. This is information in relation to, for example how many visitors visit the website, which pages visitors look at and which browser and screen resolution visitors use. Or the IP address (anonymous) is being used.

Other cookies:
Your prior consent is required for the use of other cookies, such as performance/session cookies or profiling/tracking cookies.

Performance/session cookies are used to measure whether an advertisement shown leads to a purchase or, for example, a subscription. Websites are reimbursed for this. This allows websites to generate income and keep visits to the website free. No personal data is stored which can be traced to a person with the use of these cookies.

Profiling/tracking cookies are cookies which ensure the advertisements shown link into the visitor’s interests more effectively. Advertising companies measure the success of their campaigns, the possible interests of the visitor and their possible preferences by reading the cookies.

Which cookies does Pavo use?
Pavo uses functional, performance, analytical and profiling/tracking cookies. An overview of these cookies and the purpose for which they are used can be found below. The collected information is not made available to third parties.

Functional cookies
These cookies are needed for the correct functioning of the website, none of these cookies contain tracking information which is used by third parties. The web shop won’t work without these cookies.

Cookie name   : Pgid
Cookie purpose   : This cookie keeps track of which page you are on. This is needed for correctly navigating within the web shop.
Cookie name   : SecureSessionID
Cookie purpose   : This cookie means your session will have extra security across https. It will allow you to safely shop in the Pavo web shop.
Cookie name   : Sid
Cookie purpose   : We use this cookie to keep track of which products you have placed in your shopping cart and whether you are still logged in when you go to another page within the web shop.
Cookie name   : HideCookie
Cookie purpose   : We use these cookies to remember whether or not you have closed the cookie notification (grey bar at the bottom of the page).
Cookie name   : NID (domain = gstatic.com)
Cookie purpose   : gstatic is loaded to allow static content to be used. In this case fonts.
Cookie name   : _zlcmid
Cookie purpose   : This cookie allows for Zendesk’s chat functionality to be shown
Cookie name   : _SecureSessionID_sid
Cookie purpose   : Intershop session cookies are, for example, shopping baskets and login time.

Analysing cookies
We use this information to improve our websites a little every day.

Cookie name   : _GA (Google Analytics)
Cookie purpose   : We use the Google Analytics cookie to measure, for example, how many people have visited the shop, which pages have been viewed and how you found us. The data acquired via this cookie allows us to make the Pavo websites faster and better. Google can provide third parties with this information if Google is legally obliged to do so, or wherever third parties are processing the information on behalf of Google. Google analytics cookies will be placed, only if you agree on analytics of marketing cookies the IP-adres will be saved.
Cookie name   : _utmx, __utmxx
Cookie purpose   : In order to be sure improvements will actually turn out to be improvements, we will test these first. This cookie allows us to measure whether this is actually the case.
Cookie name   :_vwo_uuid_v2
Cookie purpose   : Visual optimiser cookies measure the click behaviour, which allows for the website to be made more user friendly.
Cookie name   : GTM, gtm-cookie-consent en gtm-cookie-id
Cookie purpose   : Mainly used for loading marketing scripts
Cookie name   : _Komoto
Cookie purpose   : Komito Analytics is a 3rd party web analytics solution which tracks various interactions on a website and sends events directly to Google Analytics
Cookie name   : hjIncludedInSample
Cookie purpose   : Hotjar Cookies allows for the collection of data from, for example, a poll or survey.

Profiling/tracking (marketing) cookies
We use these cookies for marketing purposes. This allows us to show/send you special offers which are better suited to your interests.

Cookie name   : _ga _gat _ga utma, utmb, utmc, utmv en utmz (Google Search)
Cookie purpose   : Supports advertising in Google in order to show associated ads
Cookie name   : _ga _gat _ga utma, utmb, utmc, utmv en utmz (Google Shopping)
Cookie purpose   : Shows product images in Google.
Cookie name   : tt2_21983
Cookie purpose   : We use this cookie to reward our partner sites (affiliates) for their contribution to the sale.
Cookie name   :_atuvc
Cookie purpose   : For the Social Share buttons
Cookie name   : xs, pl, sb, c_user, datr, fr
Cookie purpose   : If the visitor is logged into Facebook, Facebook can place cookies via the website. These cookies are used so that visitors can share information with others via Facebook. Examples: liking or sharing a message.
Cookie name   : jIncludedInSample
Cookie purpose   : Hotjar Cookies allows for the collection of data from, for example, a poll or survey.
Cookie name   : IDE en DSID en _ncuid en IDE
Cookie purpose   : Double click collects data for advertisement purposes


This website also uses Google Maps and Google Tag Manager. Google Maps can be used to display a geographic map on the website. It can also be used to create route descriptions. Google Tag Manager is used to manage and use tags on the website. A cookie from YouTube and/or Vimeo is also placed on our website. Pavo uses this service to play videos on its websites.

How can you switch off or delete cookies?
If you don’t want websites to place cookies on your computer, then you can adjust your browser settings so you will receive a warning before any cookies are placed. You can also delete cookies which have already been placed.

On desktop
In Internet Explorer

Go to Extra > Internet Options > General. Click in Browsing history on ‘Delete’, tick ‘Cookies and website data on’ and click ‘Delete’. You can also choose here ‘Preserve favourite website data’.

In Firefox
Go to Preferences > Privacy. Click ‘Remove individual cookies’ > ‘Remove all’ (or select which cookies you wish to remove). You can also choose here whether you wish to only allow functional cookies or wish to block all cookies. This is possible via so-called block lists.

In Chrome
In the menu go to Delete Browsing history, select a period and tick ‘Cookies and other site data’. Click ‘Delete Browsing history’.

In Safari
Go to Preferences > Privacy. Choose there what you want to do with the cookies or click ‘Remove all website data’.

Do you use a different browser? Then go to the settings of your browser to change your cookie settings.

On your mobile devices
In the standard browser of your Android telephone/tablet
Open your browser and tick on the three points at the top right of your screen. Go to Settings > Privacy. Here you can turn on and turn off ‘Accept cookies’.

In the standard browser (Safari) of your iPhone/iPad
On your iPhone go to Settings > Safari. Here you can remove cookies and block cookies in the future. You can always switch on and off ‘Block cookies’.

Do you use a different browser on your telephone or tablet/iPad? Then go to the settings of your browser to change your cookie settings. In our app you cannot change cookie settings. If you wish to remove cookies from your telephone or tablet in one go, you can do this via the settings of your telephone or tablet. You can ‘empty the cache’ or delete our app. 

Third party cookies
Via our website and app cookies from third parties are also placed. They are often referred to as ‘third party cookies’. Do you wish to remove third party cookies? Follow the instructions in the cookie and privacy statements of these parties in order to remove the cookies or change your settings. Note that these statements can change on a regular basis: Pavo has no influence on this. Neither are we responsible or liable for damage that is caused by actions or omissions of third parties.   

Any questions regarding this Cookie Policy, please contact Pavo via Postbus 180, 5830 AD Boxmeer, Tel: +485-490 700, email: info@pavo.nl

Pavo’s Cookie Policy can change if new developments give rise to this. The most up to date Cookie Policy can always be found on Pavo’s website. This Cookie Policy was prepared on 22nd May 2018.