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every horse owner happy.

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We invests in building solid, long-term relationships with our business partners. Feel free to contact us to discuss your opportunities as a Pavo Business Partner. 


Every horse healthy, every horse owner happy.

For life.

We are here for everyone who loves a horse,loves them and wants to give them the best.
At every stage. A lifetime.
From happy foal to old blaze.

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Pavo horse feed

Available Internationally

Pavo is already available in over 30 different countries and probably in your area too. We have created an overview with all countries worldwide. We are also constantly forming new international partnerships with distributors around the world. Below you will find an overview with our worldwide Pavo dealers.

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Perfect first aid support

Discover our new first aid for acute digestive problems! Pavo IntestoFin is composed out of a variety of unique oils that can provide support in case of mild disruptions of the digestive tract. The different oils are known for their beneficial properties for cramps, tension and flatulence in the gastrointestinal tract. If you have any doubts about your horse’s health condition, always contact your vet.

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Competition tip

He has just become German Champion for the second time and is also a triple legend in Aachen: Marcus Ehning won the Grand Prix at Aachen in show jumping for the third time at the end of the CHIO. Read more! 

PavoPartnerMarcus Ehning

Pavo Planet Program

Our contribution to climate protection

We are committed to the health of all horses and their specific needs, our customers and the world we live in. So if you want to make the world a happier place, better start with yourself. The Pavo Planet Program drives us to do better, to reduce, reuse and recycle without compromising on outstanding product quality for your horse. That's our challenge. Pavo for a happier earth! Join us in our journey.

Pavo Planet Program

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