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Pavo roughage

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Pavo HayChunks_14KG_Healthy roughage treat to keep your horse occupied
  • Healthy roughage snack
  • For in the stable or during transport
  • Low in energy and sugar
Pavo DailyPlus_12KG_Roughage mix to extend the eating time
  • To extend the eating time
  • Ideal for mixing with concentrates
  • Support a healthy digestion
Pavo SeniorFibre_12KG_Easy-to-eat roughage mix
  • Easy-to-eat roughage mix
  • For (old) horses with decreased dental function
  • Free of grains, molasses and alfalfa
  • Supports recovery of the body condition
  • For skinny or lean horses
  • Free of grains & molasses, low in sugar
  • Quick soaking low-sugar beet pulp
  • Roughage supplement with high energy value
  • Very low sugar, no starch
  • High quality roughage replacement
  • Grass pellet of Alpine grasses and herbs
  • Free of grains and molasses
  • Support recovery of the body condition
  • For skinny or lean horses
  • Very low sugar and starch