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For the health of your horse

Pavo promotes keeping horses healthy and that you may fully enjoy the bond between you and your horse.

Your love for horses is our inspiration and drives us to develop high quality horse feed. For more than fifty years, we have been closely involved and carefully look at what your horse does, how it is managed and how nutrition can contribute to optimal health.

We believe that a healthy horse is a happy horse. So get the most out of it! Take care of it, train it, enjoy it and relax! Because together you will make the most of it!




Our vision

What goes without saying for food for humans also applies to horse feed at Pavo: the quality of feed must be absolutely impeccable and meet the highest standards.


Our mission

We want your horse to feel good all around. Since nutrition plays an important role in well-being, we set high standards for our products: Our feeds are made from the best ingredients, scientifically tested and carefully tested in practice.

Scientific research - Pavo as though leader

In product development, Pavo continuously invests in scientific research. For this, Pavo collaborates with Wageningen University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Utrecht) and the Animal Health Service (Deventer).

Our Pavo studies

In the past years, the following studies have been carried out, among others:

Roughage studies to determine energy, protein, and mineral content.

  • OC/OCD study
  • Insulin resistance in connection with feeding
  • Chewing times with different types of roughage and concentrates
  • Gastric ulcers in sport horses
  • Blood magnesium levels in sport horses
  • Disturbed intestinal flora in horses

Pavo’s Core Values

We are committed.

Committed to the health of all horses and their specific needs, our customers and the world we live in. We work with horse owners, our partners and employees to move forward together. We always listen and are open and honest in everything we do. From farmer to feed. Nurturing and empathic.

Pavo’s Core Values

We are driven.

Our love for horses is our passion and their health our motivation. We give the best advice and develop the healthiest feed. We have been doing this for 50 years and will continue to do so. Everything to make the life of horses as pleasant as possible and so that each horse can perform to the best of its ability.

Pavo’s Core Values

We are outstanding.

We develop outstanding products and offer high quality. Scientific research underpins everything we do. We innovate and continue to seek improvement in order to do what we do better and better. With outstanding offerings and advice as a result.