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The best start for a healthy foal!

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The best start for a healthy foal

Pavo is there for all breeders who wish to give each foal the best start. With the complete range of Pavo Breeding. These are all highly recommended products of which the majority includes the proven Pavo Podo® concept: an effective mix of nutrients in the right quantity and ratio, to offer the foals growth optimal support. In every phase. From healthy gestation and birth to the very first steps and optimal growth. For a healthy development and strong bones. Because you’re better safe than sorry. The proven basis for a lifetime full of well-being and happiness.

Pavo Podo: in 3 steps to a healthy foal!

The unique Pavo Podo concept contains all the important nutrients for healthy foal development. Step 1: Pavo PodoLac (mare pellet) or Pavo PodoLac Muesli. Step 2: Pavo PodoStart (foal pellet) or Pavo PodoJunior. Step 3: Pavo PodoGrow (rearing pellet).

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Gestation & lactation

Healthy growth starts with the mare

In the final phase of gestation, from 9 months, the foal starts to grow substantially. To support this growth spurt, it is important that you provide your mare with special nutrients. This adjusted requirements continues until the foal is weaned. 


Every foal deserves a healthy start

The first 24 hours are crucial for the foals’ health. After birth, the foal is completely dependent on the antibodies from the first mare’s milk (colostrum). You have to make sure your foal gets these antibodies within the first 24 hours, as they will not be absorbed after that!

Feeding plan for foals

With this feeding schedule, we will help you feed your foal in the best possible way. This will ensure that your foal gets all the important nutrients it needs for healthy development.

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