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Pavo Podo®Junior

For foals and young horses

Developing healthy bones and joints is crucial for a horse's health and future performance. Nutrition plays an essential role here, especially in the first 2,5 years of age. With the Pavo Podo®Junior muesli, you optimally support the growing horse during this crucial period.

Together with movement and genetics, feeding is one of the essential factors that influence the joint problems which we all want to prevent: OC and OCD. A steady and even growth combined with a well-balanced mineral supply is of key importance. With the Pavo Podo®Junior muesli, you optimally support the developing of healthy bones which is crucial for a horse's health and future performance.

Steady growth

Especially in the first year foals are growing tremendously. Growth is positive, as long as it comes at a steady and good pace. When a young horse grows too quickly and growth is irregular, there is an increased risk of disruption in the bone development process. Naturally this increases the chance of developing joint problems.

Energy and protein are essential for healthy growth. Pavo Podo®Junior provides the horse with energy out of a mixture of fats, fibres and also puffed grains. The energy the comes from these resources is released slowly, meaning a low constant amount of energy becomes available. Furthermore, Pavo Podo®Junior provides the horse with sufficient proteins which also enables healthy muscle development.

Podo®: the proven concept for healthy bones

Pavo has always done a lot of research into the ideal feed for the breeding world and from here the Pavo Podo concept was developed. The Podo concept is an unique complex of mineral and trace elements, that is scientifically proven to decrease the probability of developing OC(D) in young horses by 50%. Pavo Podo®Junior is equipped with this unique and proven Podo® concept and therefore supports healthy bone development optimally.

Additional support

To further support digestion, Pavo Podo®Junior is high in fibre. As a result, the feeding intake is slowed down and chewing is stimulated, resulting in the production of saliva. The production of saliva is important as it helps to decrease stomach acidity. But did you know that not all fibre is suitable for young horses? Alfalfa chaff, for example, can be harmful to the sensitive stomach wall of young horses. This is why the alfalfa in Pavo Podo®Junior has been pressed into a pellet. This allows this valuable ingredient to be used, without the risk of damaging the stomach. The other fibres in Pavo Podo®Junior have also been carefully chosen to still use the benefits of fibre without compromising health.

Key features

  • Muesli for foals and young horses
  • Contains the proven Podo® concept
  • For healthy bone development
  • High energy and protein levels
  • To support steady growth and healthy muscle development
  • High in fibre to support digestion


  • Foals from 3 weeks old
  • Young horse until 3 years old


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