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We as Pavo want to contribute to the health of horses. This means that Pavo supports a doping-free sport.

Doping is the administration of substances to gain unfair and improper competitive advantages, often associated with dangers to the health of the athletes concerned. We therefore make every effort not to use any of these doping-sensitive ingredients, which are known to be able to give a positive blood result, in our Pavo products.

However, it is not possible to give a 100% guarantee. This is because the lists of prohibited substances change regularly and are not the same in all countries. We try to inform you as well as possible about the composition of our products. 

All Pavo products can be used safely if you start under the regulations of the FEI.

In Germany, a number of herbs and ingredients have been restricted - to no longer allowed at all - in competitive sports by the FN. For example, Pavo NervControl is subject to a 48-hour withdrawal period because it contains L-Tryptophan. Consult the most up-to-date list of banned and suspected substances at the FEI itself (in Germany at the FN).