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Pavo Colostrum

Colostrum replacement for newborn foals

The mare's first milk is called colostrum. This milk contains a high level of antibodies that protect the foal from infections during the first few months.

About Pavo Colostrum

The first milk of the mare is also called colostrum. This milk contains a high content of antibodies which protect the foal against infections during the first months. It may happen that the mare dies during or immediately after giving birth, in which case try to milk as much colostrum as possible from the udder and give it to the foal using a feeding bottle.

  • If something goes wrong with mare or foal during birth, always alert the veterinarian, time is of the essence in increasing the chances of life.

Key features

  • Provides the newboarn foal with antibodies
  • Ensures the build-up of resistance and vitality in a natural way
  • Stimulates the intestinal function
  • Long shelf life
  • Easy and quick to prepare


  • For orphan foals
  • For foals whose mother has insufficient or no colostrum


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