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Pavo DailyPlus

Roughage mix to extend the eating time

Pavo DailyPlus is a balanced roughage mix for all horses and ponies. Ideal for mixing with your concentrates, making sure your horse can enjoy his meal for an extra-long time!

Do you feed kibble or muesli to your horse? Then you’ll naturally want to make sure he takes as much time as possible to finish his meal. Horses who consume (large amounts of) concentrates quickly, and thus chew very little, can develop stomach and intestinal problems. Pavo DailyPlus is the perfect roughage mixture for mixing with your concentrates.

From concentrate meal to roughage meal with Pavo DailyPlus

Pavo DailyPlus is a balanced roughage mix made from, amongst other things, alfalfa and timothy grass, the latter being known as a low sugar and highly nutritious source of fibre for horses. Pavo DailyPlus is grain and molasses free and ideal for mixing with your daily concentrates or supplements. This will therefore allow you to turn your concentrate meal into an extra healthy roughage meal! Pavo DailyPlus’ fibre-rich structure will ensure your horse chews more and will take up to 3 times as long to eat its kibble or muesli. The extended eating time and the extra saliva produced will promote a healthy stomach and intestinal functioning. The added chicory and apple pulp (prebiotics) provide additional support for the intestinal flora. The fact that your horse will take longer to consume it’s concentrate meal will also help to prevent boredom and can be a perfect solution for naughty stable residents.

Does your horse have bad teeth or a sensitive stomach? Then Pavo DailyPlus would still be a suitable supplement. The roughage used is soft and short enough to be safe for all horses and ponies, despite the rich structure.

Pavo DailyPlus’ composition has been improved!

Key features

  • Balanced roughage mix
  • Made from, amongst other things, alfalfa and timothy grass
  • Stimulates up to 3x as much chewing and saliva production
  • Extends eating time by up to 3x
  • Supports a healthy intestinal flora
  • Grain and molasses free
  • Very low sugar and starch content
  • With linseed chunks for a shiny coat



  • As a roughage alternative for all adult horses and ponies
  • For mixing with concentrates
  • For mixing with a balancer for a 'big meal’
  • To give your horse something to eat during feeding time, if he isn’t given any concentrate
  • As a healthy reward after training


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