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15 maart 2024 00:00:48

Sand test - how to check your horse´s manure on sand

Step 1: Take a handful of manure. Pick manure from the top of the pile, not from the ground.

Step 2: Put the manure in a glove or plastic bag.

Step 3: Add water and make sure all manure is under water and knead the manure. When not all manure is solving, add more water.

Step 4: Hang the glove or bag, so the possible sand can sink to the bottom. If you use a bag, then make sure one of the corners points to the ground.

Step 5: You can check if and how much sand is visible, after approximately 30 minutes.

Step 6: If you do see sand, then you can be sure there is sand in the gut of horse and it’s wise to give a sand cure, like Pavo SandClear.

Step 7: Repeat this test at least 3 days in a row for a reliable result. Only one good test result is no guarantee for a sand-free gut.

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