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Pavo Podo®Lac Pellets

For pregnant and lactating mares

The development of healthy bones and joints is critical to a horse's health and performance, something serious breeders are all too aware of. Nutrition plays an essential role in this and it starts while the mare is still pregnant.

About Pavo®Lac Pellets

The development of healthy bones and joints is crucial for the health and performance of a horse, something serious breeders are all too aware of. Nutrition plays an essential role in this and it begins while the mare is still pregnant.

Mare Chunk

With the mare chop Pavo Podo®Lac Pellets you give the unborn foal all the important nutrients in advance. Mare's milk naturally contains too little copper and zinc for foals, while these are necessary for, among other things, a good development of bones, organs, coat and digestive processes. This is why it is so important to increase the amount of copper in the last three months of pregnancy, so that the unborn foal can build up a reserve supply in its liver through the umbilical cord. In the first three months of life, this reserve then gradually becomes available and the foal can use it for a healthy development. The mare chunk Pavo Podo®Lac Pellets contains all important nutrients for the unborn foal and can be fed from the last three months of pregnancy up to and including the suckling period.

Protein in Pavo Podo®Lac Pellets

From years of forage research, we know that the energy and protein values in forage vary greatly and are generally on the low side. While these are in fact very important nutrients during pregnancy and lactation! That is why Pavo Podo®Lac Pellets contains, besides a large amount of vitamin E, also a high protein and fat content.

Pavo Podo®Concept: 3 steps to a healthy foal

Pavo has always done a lot of research into the ideal feed for the breeding world and from this the unique Pavo Podo® concept was developed: four products which link up seamlessly and support the growing foal with all the important nutrients, especially in this crucial period in which the bones and joints develop.

  1. The mare chunk Pavo Podo®Lac Pellets is step 1 in the support of mare and foal.
  2. Step 2 is the foal pellet Podo®Start
  3. Step 3 is the rearing pellet Podo®Grow

*Tip: do you feed no or little concentrated feeds from our Podo®Concept? Then Pavo Podo®Care (pellets) is a supplementary feed supplement for young foals up to 3 years old.

Also available in BigBox

Pavo Podo®Lac is also available in BigBox: the ideal large pack when between 5 and 10 horses are given the same type of concentrated feed. The Pavo BigBox is a lot cheaper than bagged feed and is delivered to your home or stable.

Key features

  • Contains the proven Podo®Concept
  • Highly digestible copper, zinc and manganese for optimal bone cartilage development in the foal
  • Correct calcium/phosphorus ratio for pregnancy and lactation and extra magnesium
  • With extra protein and vitamin E
  • Keeps mares in optimal breeding condition and encourages a maximum milk yield


  • For mares from the 9th month of pregnancy (or earlier to support good body condition) until the end of lactation.
  • Helpful tip: Mares that loose weight during lactation.
  • Pavo Podo®Lac Pellets is especially developed the stimulate and support the mare's milk yield. But some mares are giving so much milk, which result in a skinny mare and a fat foal. If you mare is losing weight during lactation, you can replace Pavo Podo®Lac Pellets by Pavo Performance at 6-8 weeks after foaling. The mare receives a lot of energy, but the milk production will decrease. This give the mare the oppurtunity to recover. Change gradually to Pavo Performance if necessary (timeframe: in two weeks).


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