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Healthy Treats - Apple


Pavo Healthy Treats are healthy and tasty treats that you give as a reward to your horse or pony. A tasty extra to spoil your horse, for example after riding or as an interim reward for ground work and freedom dressage.

Oats have been used for 2000 years as a raw material in horse feed and give sport horses extra quickly available energy. The beauty of oats is that the starch present is easily digestible for horses, in contrast to the starch in other grains, such as wheat, barley and maize.

Key features

  • Healthy reward
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No artificial additives
  • Grain-free
  • Very low sugar/starch content
  • Tasty


  • As a healthy reward for after or during training
  • Ideal as a reward pellet in freedom dressage
  • Suitable for all horses and ponies


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