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Pavo Ahiflower®Oil

Natural plant-based oil to support recovery

Pavo Ahiflower®Oil will make your horse feel better, move better and look better. This unique plant-based oil continuously supports recovery processes all over the body, for example in relation to mobility, muscles, immunity, skin and coat. Ahiflower®Oil not only has a scientifically proven effect but is also proven in practice!

Pavo Ahiflower®Oil was called Pavo OmegaFit before. The product is still 100% the same, only the name has changed.

Pavo Ahiflower®Oil will make your horse feel better, move better and look better. This unique plant-based oil has been scientifically proven to support optimal levels of inflammation. That may sound a bit strange, as inflammation is generally not something that we get excited about.

Recovery: don’t let inflammation run wild

When a problem arises somewhere in a horse's body, the immune system is activated. Inflammatory cells are sent to the problem-area that attack bacteria or repair damaged tissue. Basically, inflammation is a recovery process, though it’s important to regulate the level of inflammation cells. When inflammation is not controlled it becomes a fire, running wild and may damage the body, instead of supporting recovery.

Scientific research has shown that Ahiflower®Oil supports optimal levels of inflammation. In doing so, it ensures that the horse's natural recovery process can take place optimally, without the immune reaction (inflammation) getting out of control and actually slowing down recovery.

Feel better: for a stronger immunity and better respiration

Ahiflower®Oil will make your horse feel better as it supports the immune system. This is ideal when your horse is not feeling 100% fit, needs to recover from an illness, or when it generally needs a bit of extra support, for example during season changes. Regardless, support of the immune system is always a good thing, as it supports resilience. A strong resilience will keep your horse happy and healthy!

The respiratory tract is also supported with Ahiflower®Oil, as it contains a lot of SDA and GLA omega-3-fatty acids. This SDA is easily converted by the body into DHA, which has a scientifically proven effect on the airways. Research has shown that it improves clinical signs of respiratory disease, as the grade of coughing improves by 60%. Additionally, an improvement was seen in the health of the lower airways, for example because of decreased inflammation. Lastly, the overall lung function improved as the respiratory effort decreased by almost 50%. This makes breathing for your horse, way easier!

Move better: for better mobility and smoother muscles

The locomotor system can be stressed during different situations and at different stages of life. For sports horses, for example, training is needed to achieve progression. But intensive or irregular training can also cause minor damage to muscle tissue, tendons or joints. It is important to repair these minor damages immediately to prevent major problems. Pavo Ahiflower®Oil continuously supports the recovery process in order to keep your horse fit and healthy, throughout the sports season and beyond!

When a horse is getting old(er), the musculoskeletal system has naturally been through a lot. This makes it more susceptible to stiffness, for example. Pavo Ahiflower®Oil keeps your senior horse slick and supple, for a lifetime.

Look better: A healthy skin & coat, like never before

Pavo Ahiflower®Oil not only makes your horse feel and move better, but also contributes to the healthiest skin and shiniest coat. The high content of omega fatty acids makes the coat shine tremendously and the natural restorative properties helps to keep the skin healthy.

100% natural, vegan & sustainable

Besides Ahiflower®Oil being good for your horse, it’s also good for our planet. Ahiflower®Oil is grown by a dedicated group of UK farmers who follow regenerative agricultural practices and traceability protocols. Throughout the entire growing season, Ahiflower crops are monitored paying particular attention to carbon capture, soil health, pollinator activity and biodiversity.

Key features

-Promotes optimal levels of inflammation -Contributes to recovery processes -Supports the body’s own immune response -Contributes to overall health and performance -Scientifically proven -Excellent user experience -100% natural, vegan & sustainable


Pavo Ahiflower®Oil is suitable for all horses and ponies. It supports:

  • Immunity
  • Mobility, joints & tendons
  • Skin & coat
  • Recovery after exercise
  • Airways
  • Reproductive system

Pavo Ahiflower®Oil is in particular suitable for:

  • Sport horses, to keep them fit all season long
  • Older horses
  • Horses with decreased mobility or stiffness
  • Horses with difficulty in recovering after exercise
  • Horses with a sensitive skin and/or coat


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