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Pavo DailyFit

Daily vitamin and mineral bar

Pavo DailyFit is a real health cookie for your horse. In addition to all important vitamins and trace elements, it also provides extra resistance-supporting flowers and herbs to give your horse maximum support for its overall health.

Vitamin cake for horses and ponies

Pavo DailyFit is a tasty vitamin cake. With 1 cookie a day you cover the daily requirement for vitamins and minerals, in particular trace elements, for an adult horse. The cakes are grain free and contain little sugar, starch and energy. This makes Pavo DailyFit the optimal supplement for all horses and ponies that need extra vitamins and minerals. In addition, the cakes are enriched with brewer's yeast (prebiotics) to support healthy intestinal flora and the immune system. The added flowers and herbs: hawthorn, dandelion, marigold and nettle, also support the general resistance of your horse. Pavo DailyFit is composed according to the latest scientific insights.

Flowers and herbs in Pavo DailyFit

In the wild, horses feed on all sorts of different grasses, flowers, herbs, trees and bushes. From these they not only get the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but also substances which are good for the health. In many of our contemporary horse pastures, this hodgepodge of natural products no longer grows. Therefore, we have added a number of flowers and herbs to Pavo DailyFit to provide maximum support for your horse's natural health:

Hawthorn: the hawthorn supports the circulatory system and gastrointestinal tract, as well as having a calming and immune-boosting effect.

Dandelion: the dandelion has a blood purifying effect and supports the liver and skin of your horse.

Marigold (calendula): the marigold supports good digestion. It also has a soothing effect on the skin and is often used in its pure form for horses with wounds or eczema complaints.

Nettle: Nettle stimulates skin metabolism and supports the kidneys. The antibacterial and blood-cleansing properties of this herb help reduce allergic reactions and inflammations.

Number of cakes per package

  • Small: 30 cakes (=30 days horse, 60 days pony)
  • Large: 90 cakes (=90 days horse, 180 days pony)"

Key features

  • Balancer biscuit
  • 1 biscuit = daily dose of vitamins and trace elements
  • With immune system supporting flowers and herbs
  • For all horses in all seasons
  • Low sugar and starch content
  • Grain-free
  • Low in calories and energies
  • Contains prebiotics (yeast) to support a healthy intestinal flora
  • Easy to break


Pavo DailyFit is suitable for all types of horses and ponies that:

  • are turned out 24/7
  • only receive roughage
  • receive very low concentrated feed
  • exercise hardly or not at all
  • tend to overweight
  • need an extra amount of vitamins and trace elements


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