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Pavo EasyMix


Pavo EasyMix is a high fibre muesli which is free of grains and molasses and only contains a very low amount of sugar, starch and energy. This is why Pavo EasyMix is very suitable for all recreational horses, but especially for those sensitive to sugar, on a grainfree diet and easy-keepers (horses prone to being overweight).

Horses and ponies which are not ridden, or are ridden recreationally, often do not need much extra energy. Pavo EasyMix contains, besides little energy, a very low sugar and starch content. It is also free from grains and molasses but does contain all the vitamins and minerals your horse needs.

No grains and only a little sugar and starch

Pavo EasyMix has a very low sugar and starch content. The content is so low that it is suitable for ponies and horses that are sensitive to sugars or that are sensitive to, or suffering from, metabolic disorders (e.g. laminitis, PPID, PSSM). Because of this very low sugar and starch content, Pavo EasyMix also contains very little energy. This ensures that your pony or horse does not become fresh, but also prevents your horse from gaining (extra) weight from feeding concentrate.

Enjoy without sin!

The daily feeding recommendation of Pavo EasyMix is relatively low as it contains a high concentration of vitamins and trace elements. As a result, you only need to feed a little amount to cover the daily requirement. However, because Pavo EasyMix is so rich in fibres, it is very voluminous. The quantity may be low in weight but it is still a nice meal which your horse can enjoy. Additionally, the high fibre content is not only beneficial for volume but it also stimulates chewing, which promotes production of saliva. Saliva is very important for a healthy digestion.

Healthy fibres and much more!

Besides a high content of healthy fibres, Pavo EasyMix is enriched with prebiotics to support a healthy digestion. Furthermore, linseed products have been added as a source of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. This makes Pavo EasyMix not only a delicious meal for your horse and pony, but also a healthy addition to their ration.

Key features

  • High fibre muesli
  • Very low in sugar & starch
  • Free of grains and molasses
  • Low in energy (calories)
  • Contains all daily vitamins & trace elements
  • Made from, amongst other things, plant fibres


Suitable for:

  • Horses that need little amount of concentrate
  • Easy keepers / good doers
  • Horses that perform no work or light work
  • Horses prone to being overweight
  • Horses that cannot digest sugar well
  • Horses with grain intolerances
  • Occupation when another horse in the stable gets concentrate
  • Horses on box rest
  • Horses that don’t like (other) balancers


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