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Pavo FibreBeet

The best support for recovery of the body condition

Some horses are difficult to keep in shape: they lose weight and their musculature declines. Feeding (more) concentrate is not always the solution.

About Pavo FibreBeet

Some horses are difficult to keep in condition: they lose weight and their musculature declines. Feeding (more) concentrate is then not always the solution.

Keep your horse in perfect condition with Pavo FibreBeet

Pavo FibreBeet has been specially developed for horses and ponies with a condition deficiency. It is a carefully composed combination of SpeediBeet (beet pulp flakes), alfalfa and highly digestible fibre from soya hulls with a hint of Foenegriek for palatability. The high-quality proteins from alfalfa make FibreBeet the ideal roughage supplement for lean, scrawny (sports) horses to get back into perfect condition. Pavo FibreBeet is completely grain-free and also contains a very low sugar and starch content. It is therefore also very suitable for horses which are sensitive to sugar.

Pavo FibreBeet soaked feed

Before you can feed Pavo FibreBeet, you have to soak it in water first, in the ratio 1 : 3 (FibreBeet : water). Leave it for 15 minutes in warm water (45 min. in cold water) and you will see that the pellets absorb all the moisture and a dry, tasty pellet remains.

**Tip: supplement with vitamins and minerals **.

Pavo FibreBeet falls under the category roughage and does not contain added vitamins and minerals. Do you only feed Pavo FibreBeet alongside your other roughage? Then it is advisable to supplement vitamins and minerals, for example with Pavo Vital or the Pavo DailyFit cookies.

Key features

  • Combination of super fibres from Speedibeet and alfalfa
  • Supports recovery of body condition and muscle build-up
  • Very low sugar and starch content


  • Ideal for horses with a poor condition and sport or leisure horses that struggle with muscle development
  • Can also be used as temporary or permanent replacement for roughage in case of lesser quality roughage
  • Ideal to use after strenuous exercise to prevent dehydration
  • Very suitable to feed to senior horses in addition to Pavo 18Plus


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