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Pavo GrainFreeMash

High-fibre mash without grains

Pavo GrainFreeMash is a grain and molasses-free mash with a very low sugar and starch level that is considerably lower compared to traditional mashes. Therefore, it is the ideal treat for your horse, without providing too much extra sugar, starch and energy.

Who doesn’t love to watch their horse getting his nose dirty while eating mash?! However, many traditional mashes are high in sugar, starch and energy and, therefore, not suitable for all horses and ponies, especially those that are sensitive to sugar, suffering from metabolic problems, or horses that become overweight easily. Because Pavo GrainFreeMash is free from grains and molasses, and has a very low sugar and starch content, it enables every pony and horse to enjoy a meal of mash.

Support from the digestive system to the airways

Pavo GrainFreeMash contains high levels of (raw) fibres. These fibres are digested in the hindgut which prevents an increase of glucose in the blood, but also promotes a healthy digestive system. Additionally, Pavo GrainFreeMash is enriched with prebiotics to support the digestive system even more. Not only does Pavo GrainFreeMash support the digestive system, it can also give relief to the upper airways due to the rich peppermint oil. The mash contains all necessary vitamins and trace elements to fulfil the daily requirements. Therefore, it is not necessary to add a balancer.

Treat with reduced calories

If you have a horse that is overweight, or prone to being overweight, you must be careful with the amount of energy (calories) you feed to your horse. Treats are often a source of (extra) energy and calories and, therefore, should be avoided. Pavo GrainFreeMash is very low in energy and starch, hence (additional) weight gain will be avoided. Additionally, your horse will not become fresh or hot by eating GrainFreeMash, as it contains so little energy.

A treat for 365 days

Pavo GrainFreeMash is easy to prepare as it is quick soaking (<5 minutes). For the maximum olfactory experience, it’s best to prepare with hand-warm water. However, Pavo GrainFreeMash can also be prepared with cold water. As a result, Pavo GrainFreeMash functions as a good source of fluid that stimulates water intake and is a perfect mash to mix electrolytes in during the summer.

Key features

  • Free of grains, molasses and other sugar additives
  • Very low in sugar & starch
  • Lower in energy than traditional mashes
  • Free of alfalfa
  • Supports a healthy digestion with high levels of fibre & prebiotics
  • Quick soaking with warm and cold water
  • Balanced with vitamins and trace elements


Suitable for:

  • horses sensitive to sugar and starch
  • horses on a grain-free diet
  • horses prone to being overweight
  • all easy keepers / good doers


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26 december 2022