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Pavo white oats

Top quality white oats

Pure spiked white oats: providing sport horses with extra rapidly available energy.

About Pavo Cereals - Spiked White Oats

Oats have been used as a raw material in horse feed for 2000 years and give sport horses extra quickly available energy. The beauty of oats is that the starch present is easily digestible for horses, in contrast to the starch in other grains, such as wheat, barley and maize.

Pavo offers two different types of oats in its range: spiked white oats and spiked black oats. Oats that have only been 'purified' have a volume weight of 50 kilograms per 100 liters. We know from research that oat hulls can be irritating to the horse's intestinal wall. Therefore, the oats we use in our products are not only purified, but also stripped of the hulls. What remains is clipped oats. An additional advantage of spiked oats is that the volume weight increases to about 55-57 pounds per 100 gallons. In addition, this treatment makes it more digestible for horses."

Key features

  • Purified and de-oiled for optimal digestibility
  • For sport horses that need extra energy


Great for:

  • horses that need extra energy
  • horse owners who want to compile their own horse's ration


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