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Pavo Performance

Sport pellets for the highest level of performance

Pavo Performance has been specially developed to give sport horses maximum stamina and a top fit, shiny appearance.

About Pavo Performance

Pavo Performance was specially developed to give sport horses maximal stamina and a top fit, shiny appearance. Thanks to the unique composition of this sport pellet, (top) sport horses can get their energy for prolonged exertion mainly from healthy fibres and fats instead of from sugar and starch-rich sources, such as grains. In this way your top athlete gets all the building blocks needed for optimal performance, without the risk of overheating!

Natural vitamin E

Did you know that horses cannot absorb synthetic vitamin E indefinitely? There is a maximum after which feeding more makes no sense. Pavo Performance therefore contains partly natural vitamin E and natural antioxidants which can be absorbed 100% and are therefore much more effective. These two together support the muscles of your sport horse optimally and help the body to remove waste substances from the muscles more quickly and thus prevent muscle pain or acidification.

Electrolytes for faster recovery

Because sport horses sweat not only in summer, but all year round when they work hard, Pavo Performance also contains electrolytes. Electrolytes are body salts, such as sodium, chloride and potassium, which are lost through sweat. These nutrients are important to supplement, as they play a crucial role in recovery and proper muscle function.

Healthy stomach and intestinal flora

The sport pellet Pavo Performance contains easily digestible fibres from grass and beet pulp. The added prebiotics have many favourable properties which support a healthy digestion and stable intestinal flora.

Also available in BigBox

Pavo Perfomance is also available in BigBox: the ideal large pack when between 5 and 10 horses are given the same type of concentrated feed. The Pavo BigBox is a lot cheaper than bagged feed and is delivered to your home or stable. "

Key features

  • High quality pellet
  • Maximum amount of endurance
  • High quality protein for the muscle function
  • Rich in magnesium and electrolytes
  • Added with natural vitamin E and natural antioxidants
  • Contains easy digestible fibers
  • Added with prebiotics for a healthy stomach and intestinal flora


Pavo Performance is suited for:

  • All disciplines
  • Nervous and hot horses
  • Sporthorses that perform heavy and very heavy work (energy level 3)

The intensity of your training decides how much energy your horse needs, to keep up with your training session. Pavo Energy is suited for energy level 3: Energy level 3: 1 hour of training every day, containt 14 minutes of walking, 23 minutes of trotting and 10 minutes of cantering


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3 september 2021