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31 januari 2023 Reading time 0 minutes

Pavo launches 3 new breeding products on the market

No less than 3 new products in the Pavo breeding range: 
Pavo Podo®Lac Muesli, Pavo Podo®Junior and Pavo KickStart!

Pavo KickStart is a paste that strengthens the immune system of newborn foals. Pavo Podo®Lac Muesli is suitable for pregnant and lactating mares and Pavo Podo®Junior is a muesli for foals and young horses. A welcome addition for both target groups for which Pavo already has pellets in its range. Rob Krabbenborg, Product Manager at Pavo: "I am proud that we can now offer the Podo® concept in muesli products. This is a great addition to the already successful Podo® pellets. This development fits the trend we see in horse feeding and the choice customers want these days."

Pavo Podo® concept

Both Pavo Podo®Lac Muesli and Podo®Junior contain the scientifically proven Podo® concept: a unique mineral complex that optimally supports healthy bone development. With Pavo Podo®, foals have up to 50% less risk of bone damage in the first year and is therefore highly recommended by breeders.