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17 april 2023 Reading time 0 minutes

Performance stallions shine on Pavo Performance

The KWPN performance study is currently in full swing. For five weeks, the young stallions are trained at the equestrian centre in Ermelo. Stable master Jaco van Weele explains: "That is quite a long period in which it is important that the stallions stay fresh and can keep up the work.” 

Nutrition plays an important role in this. “All stallions are fed Pavo Performance. You notice that they absorb the feed well, stay fresh and that they become stronger and look beautiful. If we notice that a horse is a bit thin, we usually add Pavo FibreBeet or SlobberMash. In the last week they often get just a little more concentrate so that they are in really good shape at the final presentation and show themselves optimally", says Van Weele. 

As a partner of the KWPN, Pavo likes to think along the lines of the right nutrition for the performance stallions. Pavo Performance is a sports chunk specially developed to give sport horses maximum endurance and a top-fit, shiny appearance. This chunk contains extra electrolytes which ensures that the horses recover faster after training.