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1 mei 2023 Reading time 1 minutes

Swedish Icelandic Horse Federation new partner of Pavo

Pavo is proud to announce that the Swedish Icelandic Horse Federation (SIF) and Pavo have entered into a partnership with each other. The SIF is an organization that supports horses and riders of all levels, both the breeder and recreational rider as well as the competition rider. Secretary General Anna Rybert of the SIF: "We are very happy with Pavo as a new partner for our association. When we enter into a partnership, we strive for collaborations with companies that are interested in Icelandic horses and our community. It is important that we share the same values and establish a long-term relationship with each other. In our opinion, Pavo is the perfect partner and we look forward to working together."

Rob Krabbenborg, product manager at Pavo, is also pleased with the partnership with the SIF. "We are happy to provide the members of the SIF with nutritional advice for the optimal health and performance of their Icelandic horses. We have a very wide range of products that support the health of Icelanders and, of course, we would like to draw attention to this together with the SIF."

The population of Icelanders in Europe is estimated at about 300,000 horses. This makes the Icelandic studbook the largest studbook in Europe, much larger than any other warmblood studbook we know. In Sweden there are estimated to be around 30,000 Icelanders. About 1 in 12 horses in Sweden is an Icelander! In August, the World Championships for Icelandic horses will take place in the Netherlands. Pavo will be present here with a stand. Pavo gives advice and then proposes a number of products specifically aimed at the Icelandic horse. Pavo EasyMix and Pavo Liga are two products that are very suitable for the Icelandic horse, but there is also a wide range of other Pavo products that can be fed very well to the Icelandic horse depending on the needs and purpose of use for these horses.