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17 mei 2023 Reading time 0 minutes

Pavo visible with a strong partners in Denmark

Thanks to a good cooperation with Helgstrand and the Danish riding associations, Pavo is clearly visible in Denmark. Various things are planned for the coming months. 

First, Pavo, in collaboration with the Danish riding associations, has set up a Danish Pavo Cup (a household name in the Netherlands for years) under the name DRF and Pavo. This competition is not only aimed at young dressage horses but also at young showjumping horses. The first qualifications start on 19 May and continue through until 24 September. The Finals for the competition for 4, 5, 6 and 7 year old horses will be held in week 41 for the dressage horses at Bue Hors, and in week 34 for the showjumping horses in Ask. 

In addition, there will be various Pavo-sponsored events at Helgstrand over the coming months, including the Danish championships from 1-4 June. This is where riders in various categories start; Seniors, U25 and Para Dressage. 
In addition, there are several regular competitions this summer at Helgstrand Event. A nice venue for riders to participate.