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2 juni 2023 Reading time 0 minutes

Pavo Podcast - a great success in Denmark!

The Danish Pavo team has recently launched several Pavo Podcasts. Seven different food-related podcasts, under the name Pavocast, can already be found on the various platforms. No fewer than 5 more are planned for the coming months. 

Carina Fjordside Beblein from Pavo Denmark says: "In our podcasts we guide our listeners through today's feed jungle. We inform them about the needs of the horse and the quality of the various types of feed. We also refute various misconceptions about horses and nutrition. We actually want to tackle all the problems that the horse owner may have to deal with in daily life with his horse."

In total, more than 1300 people have listened to the various podcasts. The reactions we receive are very positive. People find the podcasts easy to understand and educational. Our most successful podcast is titled "Når enden er god, er alting godt", in English it would be "when the hindgut works well, all is well”. It is about the microflora in the horses hindgut."

The podcast can be listened to via Spotify, Apple's podcast and Spreaker.