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11 juni 2023 Reading time 1 minutes

Getting to know various facets during internship at Pavo

Veronique Faber recently did an internship at Pavo in the product management department. During this internship she had the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at the development of new products and the introduction of these products into the market.  

Faber is studying Animal Husbandry with a specialization in Equine, Sports and Business. She explains: "As part of this training, we visited Pavo's feed production plant in Heijen. I found the company and the products super interesting and when I saw the advertisement for an internship, I immediately got the chance to make my master's thesis about Pavo." 

Now, at the end of her internship in the product management department, Faber looks back on this choice with satisfaction. "Even though I did most of my internship remotely, I always felt part of the team. I enjoyed it! The team is really nice. They are very dedicated and motivated in what they do." 

During her internship, Faber was introduced to various facets of product management. "I learned more about the different ingredients in horse feed and how they are used to develop a new product. In addition, I gained more insight into the entire process from the development of a new product to its market introduction. I also gained my first experience in dealing with customers. One of the highlights of my internship was that I went to the European Equine Health and Nutrition Congress together with the team. The fact that I was allowed to go there made me really feel part of the team." 

Faber not only learned practical things but also learned more about herself and dealing with problems. "You shouldn't let problems bring you down but always keep an eye on the bigger picture. Looking back now, I would also have planned much better in advance about how I could implement my ideas efficiently."  

According to Faber, an internship at Pavo is definitely recommended. She also has a tip for when students are going to do an internship. "Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's normal that you don't know everything right away." 
The internship and master's thesis was the last part of Faber's studies to obtain her master's degree in International Management.  

Would you like to do an internship at Pavo? Please contact us at [email protected].