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21 juni 2023 Reading time 1 minutes

Merel Blom: 'Pavo is more than just a sponsor, it's a real collaboration'

Eventing amazon, Merel Blom, renewed her sponsorship contract with Pavo last month. This is something that not only Pavo, but also Blom, is very happy with. "I can always consult with the people of Pavo about feeding my horses. Only the combination of good work together with good feed ensures that I can achieve success," says Blom.  

Blom prefers to keep the feed of her horses as simple as possible. "I don't believe in adding standard supplements to a horse's ration. Through their normal concentrates, a horse must get enough building blocks to perform. Of course, a horse sometimes needs something extra but only in very specific situations. For example, in very hot weather when a horse sweats profusely or with another specific problem." 

All young horses at Blom's stable start with Pavo AllSports. As they take on more work they switch to Pavo Performance with Pavo TopSport as a topping. "It is important that the horses do not get too much sugar and a lot of protein, although my eventers do require some sugar for energy if they have to perform. In the past, together with DAP Bodegraven, I have been looking for the right combination of concentrates for my horses. From there and together with Pavo, Pavo TopSport was developed. This actually says exactly what my collaboration, because that's what I prefer to call it, is like with Pavo. They are much more than a regular sponsor, they really think along with me in how I can best feed my horses. By giving the horses a good base of concentrates, I do not need any additional additives. There's everything my horses need in there already." 

Blom indicates that of the 40 horses in her stable, most horses simply receive concentrates without supplements as an addition. "A while ago, I got a horse from an owner in the stable. Loads of powders came with it and the horse could not be ridden, according to the owner. We gave the horse a combination of the correct work with only supplementary concentrates and, after a few months, he could go home without needing anything specific. That's the great thing about Pavo's feed, the composition is so good that they actually contain everything already." 

Blom regularly consults with the right people at Pavo about feeding her horses. "And if, for example, a new load of silage arrives, I first have it tested by Pavo, so I know exactly what I am feeding and whether the roughage is also suitable for my eventing horses. The fact that I can easily call and consult with Pavo is very nice, they really make a difference for me."