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4 juli 2023 Reading time 0 minutes

The true master of jumping

Our newly crowned German Show Jumping Champion, Marcus Ehning, continued his winning streak by winning the Rolex Grand Prix at Aachen's Soers last weekend.

The Grand Prix at Aachen is considered one of the most difficult show jumping competitions in the world. Despite the difficulty, Marcus Ehning stood out again this year, especially with his sensitivity and the harmony between rider and horse on the course.

With his experienced stallion Stargold, he won the jumping competition in a dramatic jump-off. Marcus Ehning is now a true triple legend, having already won the Grand Prix in 2006, 2018 and 2023.

Over the years, Marcus Ehning has already celebrated great success time and time again with different horses and has been a legend in equestrian sport for decades. A true master who is internationally known for his fine riding and appreciative treatment of his horses.

We are proud that Marcus Ehning has been using Pavo products for years and has been able to celebrate great success with his healthy and happy horses.