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14 juli 2023 Reading time 1 minutes

Pavo Cup preselections start

The first Pavo Cup preselection will take place tomorrow in Delft. With this, the West region kicks off the total of five preselections. Following that, the selection competitions will take place in the Netherlands on 20 July in Ermelo (East), 26 July in Tolbert (North) and 28 July in De Mortel (South). On 21 July, the preselection for Belgium is scheduled to take place in Turnhout.  

During these selection competitions, the best four-, five- and six-year-old dressage horses will be selected for the semi-finals on 10 August during the KWPN Horse Days in Ermelo. After each selection competition, the KWPN publishes an adjusted intermediate ranking per age category. After all pre-selections have been held, the provisional participant lists for the semi-finals will be announced.  

According to Johan Hamminga, who has been a judge for many years, the Pavo Cup is a great experience for young dressage horses. It is the moment to present your horse in a relaxed way and have it judged. "After each presentation we give an explanation of the marks. A horse with a 5 or a 6 certainly doesn't have to be a bad horse. It is a snapshot in time. Maybe your horse was a bit more tense, or is having a lesser day. There are also examples of horses that scored low marks in the Pavo Cup as a young horse and later did very well in the Grand Prix. You can also work with the feedback you get, see it as a nice learning moment for your horse if you are not through to the (semi-) final," Hamminga said. 

In our special report about the Pavo Cup, you can read tips from Johan Hamminga about what the jury would like to see during these days. It also contains useful feeding tips to optimally support your horse during these intensive days.  

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