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12 juli 2023 Reading time 0 minutes

In the feed trough of eventinghorse Vesuve D'aveyron

In the section 'In the feed trough of...' we show you what a horse gets to eat. We kick off this new section with Vesuve D'aveyron, horse of eventing rider Merel Blom. 

Name of the horse: Vesuve D’aveyron 
Age: 14 
Level: CCI4* 
Character: Vesuve is a quiet horse, but very driven at competitions. During training he does not stress himself, but always tries very hard. 

Feeding schedule during a multi-day eventing competition  

07.30 a.m.: 1,5 scoop Pavo Performance and silage/haylage 
12.30 a.m.: 1 scoop Pavo AllSports and silage/haylage 
17.30 a.m.: 1 scoop Pavo Performance and 1 scoop Pavo TopSport 
20.00 Uhr: silage/haylage 

Why choose this concentrate? 
Pavo Performance gives sufficient fats and proteins to keep up the work well even during prolonged exertion. Pavo Allsports gives some sugars for some extra energy, which is important when horses have to perform. Finally, the muesli topping Pavo Topsport supports muscle building.

What do you take into account when choosing feed for this horse?
Vesuve gets too thin quickly, so that is why we want to give him enough fats. Because he has to work hard, it is important that we give him plenty of protein for his muscles.

Does your horse get supplements in certain situations?
During competitions, he also gets Pavo ReHydrate. This is to compensate for the loss of salts/electrolytes so he can recover faster.