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14 augustus 2023 Reading time 1 minutes

Extreme U.S., Mac Toto and Everest winners Pavo Cup 2023

The final of the Pavo Cup 2023, which took place last weekend in Ermelo, has a number of great winners. The Pavo Cup is the competition in the Netherlands for four, five and six-year-old dressage horses. They are judged on their natural aptitude and qualities. The competition consists of a number of pre-selections, a semi-final and a final.


Amongst the four-year-olds, no fewer than 55 horses appeared in the ring in the semi-finals on Thursday. 18 horses received a ticket to the final. The top three horses in the final were ridden by test rider Daniel Bachmann Andersen. The KWPN-approved Extreme U.S. came out as the absolute winner with a 10 for override. Bachmann Andersen: "He's absolutely amazing to ride! I can't say anything negative about him." With the victory of Extreme U.S., Renate van Uytert-van Vliet took her third Pavo Cup title. A great achievement!

Second place also went to a KWPN-approved stallion. One Million, ridden by Robin Heiden, received this award. During the override he received a 9.6 from the guest rider.  The best mare finished in third place.  The Oxxi Lena presented by Annemijn Boogaards received a 9.5 during the override.


For the five-year-old horses, the win went to Everest, ridden by Phoebe Peters. Bachmann Andersen gave the fungusa 9.5 for override. "He's fantastic to drive. He is soft in leaning and is very focused for such a young horse. The gallop is a real highlight, he can switch so easily," said the guest rider. 

Second place went to Nacho ridden by Charlotte Fry. "A fantastic horse with a great future ahead of him," said Bachmann Andersen, who awarded him a 9.2. The top three was completed by Napoli Sollenburg Drost Horses ridden by Benjamin Maljaars. He scored an 8.6 while riding over. 


With the win in the semi-finals, in the first part of the final and with 90 points from Daniel Bachmann Andersen, Mac Toto USB under Daniëlle Heijkoop won the Pavo Cup amongst the six-year-olds. This duo finished in third place amongst the five-year-olds last year. Mac Toto scored no less than three nines in the first final event: for the step, trot and overall impression. The guest rider gave the gelding a 9 while overriding. "The quality of this horse is fantastic!", he said. 

Bachmann Andersen gave the highest number of points during the override to Hexagon's Mr. Magnum. "A top horse!" Due to a sixth place in the semifinals and an ex aequo second in the first part of the final, Thamar Zweistra was finally allowed to field the stallion as second. Third place went to Mauro Turfhorst ridden by Dinja van Liere. 

All winners received a Pavo feed cart filled with Pavo Performance. There were also great Pavo prizes for the other prize winners and finalists.