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27 augustus 2023 Reading time 0 minutes

We are pleased to announce that Helen Langehanenberg's sponsorship contract has been extended.

Every horse is optimally supported in Billerbeck with an individually tailored feeding plan. Regardless of whether it is a young dressage horse at the beginning of its career, or an internationally experienced dressage professional, with our large product selection we have the right feed for every phase of life. In this way, Helen and her team can not only design the training individually but also the feeding.

"It's important to us to give every horse the best possible support. If we have a nervous candidate, for example, we can use the correct nutrition to ensure that he doesn't get too much energy too quickly," says Helen Langehanenberg.

As soon as a new horse moves to Billerbeck, the stable manager and Pavo take a close look at the horse together. Since roughage forms the basis, the hay is analysed regularly, making it possible to calculate the ration precisely. It is important to respond to the needs of each individual horse and be flexible when it comes to feeding. This is the only way to support Helen's athletes adequately.

Helen Langehanenberg says: "We are very happy to have been working and growing together for so many years. A strong partnership has developed on both sides."

Pavo is happy that Helen Langehanenberg relies on Pavo horse feed for her top athletes.