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7 september 2023 Reading time 1 minutes

In the feed trough of Blue Hors Fifty Cent

In the section 'In the feed trough of...' we show you what a horse gets to eat. This time Princess Nathalie of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg tells us about feeding her dressage horse Blue Hors Fifty Cent.    

Horse Name: Blue Hors Fifty Cent  
Age: 9 
Level: Prix St.George 
Character: Fifty Cent is very sweet and cuddlely in the stable. He is happy to work under the saddle and loves to be out on the paddock. At competitions he is very relaxed, saves his energy for under the saddle. 

Feeding schedule on a normal training day 

I always feed hay half an hour before I feed grain.  

06:00 a.m.: Hay,  
06.30 a.m.: 1 kg Pavo Performance, 2-3 hands Pavo DailyPlus 
Fifty gets half grain 6.30h, he is ridden 8-9 and will get is other half grain after he is worked. 
12:00 a.m.: Hay 
12:30 a.m.: 1 kg Pavo Performance, 2-3 hands Pavo DailyPlus  
03:00 p.m.: Hay 
03:30 p.m.: 1 kg Pavo Performance, 2-3 hands Pavo DailyPlus 
08:00 p.m.: 0,4 kg Pavo SpeediBeet and Pavo SlobberMash plus hay for the night 

Fifty gets 15kg hay over the day/night 

Why did you choose the concentrate you are using? 
In daily work I feed 1,2kg Pavo Performance. At days off or less work I will go down on 700/800g. At competitions I will go up to 1,5kg. This is what I found out works the best for Fifty Cent.  

What do you take into account when choosing feed for this horse? 
Sometimes he can be a bit picky so it is best to give him Pavo Performance which contains everything he needs to feel good and perform well.  

Does your horse get supplements to their feed in certain situations? 
In his mash he gets Pavo E’lyte, Pavo OmegaFit and Pavo Vital. At competitions and warm weather I go up on Pavo E’lyte! 

Do you want to say something about the nutrition of your horse? 
I always put supplements into the Pavo SlobberMash/Pavo SpeediBeet as the horses love it!!!!