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7 september 2023 Reading time 1 minutes

Marcus Ehning and Pavo support the youngsters

At the beautiful Whitsun tournament at ZRFV Borken, at Marcus Ehning's facility, there was a special prize for the young riders. In each of the four divisions, the three first place winners could win a training day with the professional Marcus Ehning, including feeding advice with Pavo.

On 05.09.23 the time had finally come for seven riders to arrive with a total of ten horses. Carlotta Merschformann, Laurenz Terback and Max Merschformann each brought two horses with them to Borken.

For Marcus Ehning, it is important to organize such training days: "It is primarily about the horses. When you have been riding for such a long time and have learned to put yourself in the horses' shoes, you naturally try to pass this on. In this way you can bring the riders even closer to the horse as a partner!”

Marcus Ehning

One reason why the partnership between Marcus Ehning and Pavo has worked so well for so long is certainly that both share the same philosophy. To give an example: For both feeding advice expert Antje Warnecke and Marcus Ehning with his training, the horse's health always comes first. “When horse and rider are riding at such a level and feel well, there is no reason to change much in training. However, I can support the riders in getting to know their horse even better," says Marcus Ehning.

Antje Warnecke sees it the same way: “The horses today all look great! I give the riders tips and recommendations to optimise their current feeding ration. If there are no acute problems, you should not change the feeding in case you unnecessarily stress the metabolism. Should there be a need for feeding advice in the future, the riders can contact us at any time."

It was particularly pleasing to hear that roughage is the basis for all riders and that all sport horses always have it available. Participant Felicia Dahlkamp explains in the feeding consultation how she handles it with her horses: "Of course, our horses come out during the day. In the stable, they always have hay at their disposal''.

At the end of the training day, many happy faces could be seen and Laurenz Terbrack happily reported: "I was able to take so many good tips with me which I will try to implement directly in the next show jumping competition!”.

All in all, it was a successful training day at Marcus Ehning's facility, which brought together different horse people for whom health and the connection with their horses was the top priority.