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20 september 2023 Reading time 2 minutes

Quality control: what does that actually mean?

This is how we guarantee quality 

It is very well explained on our website under the heading mission / vision: What is self-evident for human nutrition also applies to horse nutrition at Pavo: the quality of the feed must be absolutely impeccable and meet the highest requirements. In this article we would like to explain how we ensure such high quality and how we guarantee it.  

Ensuring quality starts with selecting high-quality, safe raw materials and then processing them into horse feed. To do this in the best way, Pavo uses two quality and guarantee systems: GMP+ and Securefeed. 

Safe feed, food safety: Securefeed 

We are affiliated with SecureFeed. SecureFeed develops and manages a system for monitoring and the risk assessment of raw materials and their suppliers. This impartial organisation is, therefore, an important point of contact for food safety. All raw materials that we process are checked and monitored for food safety via this system. Through timely recognition of risks, we can take appropriate measures if necessary to guarantee the quality of the raw materials. 

Working according to the rules: GMP+ 

GMP stands for 'Good Manufacturing Practice', which actually means 'good production'. This is an international quality system for ensuring feed safety. Because we are a GMP-certified company, we have to produce our feed according to prescribed rules. In addition, we are continuously increasing our knowledge of the quality of the raw materials, our feed and the production processes through the international GMP organization. Independent bodies carry out inspections on the production process of all the feed we produce.  

A GMP+ certificate indicates that we meet set quality standards and work from start to finish according to prescribed and reliable procedures. In this way, the certificate guarantees the safety of the feed for humans, animals and the environment. 

Genetically engineered, or preferably not: NON GMO 

Pavo produces 98% of its products without GMO raw materials, which applies to all our mueslis, kibble and supplements. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism – also known as genetically modified organism in the Netherlands. This means that the DNA of the organisms has been consciously modified by humans, so that the function changes. For example, to ensure that a raw material can withstand drought better, is resistant to diseases or has a longer shelf life. In order to claim that a product is GMO-free, the entire process of raw material intake, storage, processing and transport must meet very strict conditions imposed by the European Union.  

No one wants to carry banned substances – Doping 

Another important part is that we pay attention to which substances are on the doping list. These lists are kept up to date and the raw materials are carefully examined. We are also alert to this during the production process.  For example, we do not process cocoa in the factory where horse feed is made, because this is a substance that is on the doping list. This prevents traces of prohibited substances from ending up in the feed.  


All raw materials entering our factory undergo a check for quality, hygiene and the absence of mould. And, of course, there is also a check on the end products. At the end of the process, these are sampled and assessed with the basis of an analysis plan. By joining the above systems and handling everything involved in the production of horse feed with the utmost precision, we dare to say that our feed meets the highest requirements.