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11 oktober 2023 Reading time 1 minutes

Educating the future generation

At Pavo, we feel it is important to contribute to educating the future generation. Not only for the student, but also for Pavo itself. Young people often offer new insights. Celine Krijgsheld is one of the working students at Pavo. Three days a week she works and studies in the Brand & Content department.

Krijgsheld talks about her choice: "For me, working in a company during my studies, where I am gaining first hand experience, is a great way in. I prefer this way rather than learning everything from books. It means I can immediately start working with what I have learned and apply it in practice. It makes me very happy that this is with a large international company like Pavo."

The Marketing & Communication student at ROC Friese Poort did not have to think long about her choice of Pavo. "There were many big companies on the list, but as I have been crazy about horses all my life, Pavo really was number one for me."
A choice she certainly doesn't regret. "I really like it. I get good guidance and am introduced to lots of facets of marketing. Making social media posts is a big part of my tasks, each time it's fun to think of how I can trigger people with the posts I make to persuade them to view more information or buy a product. I also collaborate on different projects, everywhere I am learning something new. I also learn many different things by working with various colleagues. I pick up something from everyone and so I have already gained a lot of practical knowledge and experience during my studies."

There are also things that Krijgsheld finds quite difficult: "I am a big perfectionist and like to do things right the first time. That doesn't always work out. In the beginning, you don't really know and can't do anything yet and so shouldn't be too hard on yourself. After all, I am here to learn."
For Krijgsheld, the combination of working and learning is ideal. “It comes highly recommended, but you must be motivated and have self-discipline. A lot is demanded of you, both in terms of training and at the company. In addition to the 3 days at Pavo, I go to school for 1 day and spend one day at home studying.”

Pavo is always looking for new young talent if you want to join our team. We are happy to receive any interested applications.