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8 november 2023 Reading time 1 minutes

Pavo proudly introduces extensive range of digestion products

In autumn, when there is no longer so much to graze on and horses' rations change, Pavo is launching three new digestive products. With the introduction of Pavo GastricEase, GutSecure and IntestoFin, the range of gastrointestinal products has been greatly extended. 

Horses have a very sensitive digestive tract. Even the smallest changes in (feeding) management can disturb the digestive processes, resulting from mild to very severe problems. Digestive problems can, in the worst case scenario, become fatal to the horse. Literally, a sensitive topic.  

Rob Krabbenborg, Product Manager at Pavo, explained: “Our calling is to help horse owners keep their horses healthy, that’s what drives us. From research, we know specific ingredients can offer great support to the digestive tract of the horse, but good (feed) management is the key to success. In the coming months, we will share our complete story with easily digestible tips, tricks and product solutions.” 

New products available 

Going forwards, the first three new products of the range are now available. Pavo GastricEase (stomach) and GutSecure (intestines) are complete mueslis that not only offer support to the digestive tract, but also cover the daily requirements of horses that perform no or light work. Rob: “Ideal for horse owners seeking an all-in-one solution, as they won’t need to feed multiple products every day.”  

The third product, Pavo IntestoFin, is a mixture of oils that offer support in case of (acute) disruptions in the digestive tract. “An absolute must-have that everyone should have in their stable”, if you would ask Rob. “This can provide enormous relief during the nerve-wracking wait before the vet arrives.”  

Successfully tested   

Both Pavo GutSecure and GastricEase were thoroughly tested on more than 100 horses and proved their strength. The test lasted 11 weeks, during which the testers saw huge improvements in their horses suffering from various gastrointestinal problems. A customer satisfaction score of 4.4 out of 5 for Pavo GastricEase says it all! 

More to come 

In a few months more digestion products will be launched to optimally support a healthy digestion, for every horse.