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21 november 2023 Reading time 1 minutes

In the feed trough of Hugo

In the section 'In the feeder of...', let's see what a couple of horses get to eat. This time we took a look at Hugo's feed of four-in-hand driver IJsbrand Chardon.  


Horse name: Hugo  
Age: 10  
Level: International four-in-hand 
Character: Hugo is a dominant horse, always keeping an eye on things in the stable. He spends a lot of time looking outside to see what's going on in the yard and also knows exactly which horse is in the stable near him, or is going outside with him. Hugo is never nervous at competitions, he eats well and shows the same behaviour as at home. In training, Hugo is an ambitious horse who likes to give his own twist to the requested assignment whilst still remaining alert to the environment. However, due to his brutality, he will never shy away from anything and is not afraid of anything. 

Feeding schedule during a normal training day at home

Morning: Hugo starts in the morning with Pavo SlobberMash with an added supplement. If the weather is hot, Pavo ReHydrate and the Pavo BiotinForte to promote hoof growth. Then he eats 3/4 Pavo Performance

  His hay net contains hay day and night so it is available indefinitely.   

At 12 o'clock he gets 3/4 Pavo Performance.  
At 5.30 p.m. : 3/4 Pavo Performance and 1/2 scoop of Pavo SportsFit, the horses really like this muesli.  


Why do you choose the concentrate you have chosen?  

Hugo is a fixture in Ysbrand's four-in-hand. Because he participates in all parts of a four-in-hand competition, he must have good stamina and be strong. We were advised to feed Pavo Performance, because it meets the conditions for a horse to perform at this level.  

Because Hugo is always hungry for food, no special applications are needed when it comes to feeding, apart from adding the supplements. By mixing them in the Pavo we know for sure that he will eat completely. In addition, it is handy that he is used to the slobber. If we notice during a competition that he has less appetite for kibble, perhaps due to the circumstances, we can supplement his feed with that. For that reason, we regularly give all competition horses some Pavo DailyPlus, so that we can always switch to different feed. Pavo SportsFit is also always a part of the competition. It is a muesli with almost the same nutritional value as the Performance and tempts the horses to keep eating. We think it is very important that horses can eat hay all day long and continue to eat their concentrates to keep them healthy. Their stomach and constitution need it. Our experience is that once a horse stops eating at a competition, it is difficult to get him to eat again. We pay a lot of attention to this.