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15 januari 2024 Reading time 1 minutes

5 new products complete digestive insurance

In the past month, Pavo has already introduced four new products that support a horse's digestion. With the Pavo SandClear supplement, introduced last week as the fifth product, the range is complete. There is a product for every horse whose stomach or intestines could use some support. Regardless of whether this horse is active in sport or is only kept recreationally. 

It is well known that horses have a very sensitive digestive tract. Even small changes in (feed) management can lead to disruptions in the digestive system. These can be mild problems but also very serious ones that can actually be life threatening to a horse.  

Rob Krabbenborg, Product Manager at Pavo, explains: "We want to help horse owners get their horse back to full health. We know from the literature that certain ingredients contribute to a healthy digestive tract. Of course, good (feed) management is also of great importance here." 

Pavo SandClear

The latest product to be introduced today is Pavo SandClear. This supplement is actually a kind of cleansing cure for your horse, in which sand is removed from the intestines. Accumulation of sand in the intestines can lead to major problems. Johan Hamminga told us about this recently: "We never used to have a horse with sand colic. Nowadays, many horses are regularly in a sand paddock or in a pasture with little or too short grass and, therefore, they ingest a lot of sand." 

More supplements

At the end of last year we also introduced a supplement: Pavo GastriCover. This supplement is suitable for all horses with sensitive stomachs. It neutralizes the effect of stomach acid and supports healthy gastric function. A nice addition to the already existing Pavo GutHealth which is aimed at supporting the intestines. 

A third supplement is Pavo IntestoFin. This is a blend of oils that provide direct support to the digestive tract, for example when you are waiting for the animal artes. A must-have for every stable pharmacy.  The different oils have positive properties against cramps, tension and flatulence in the gastrointestinal tract.  

Complete mueslis to support digestion

In addition, there are concentrates to support healthy digestion. Pavo GastricEase (stomach) and Pavo GutSecure (intestines) are complete mueslis that not only support digestion,but also contain all daily vitamins and minerals. An ideal all-in-one solution for horse owners who don't want to feed multiple products every day. GactricEase optimally supports your horse's stomach and GutSecure helps to restore a disturbed intestinal flora and maintain a healthy intestinal function. 

Pavo GastricEase is similar to the existing Pavo product, Pavo Ease&Excel. Both support the stomach, but unlike Pavo GastricEase, Pavo Ease&Excel is aimed at sports horses.