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22 januari 2024 Reading time 0 minutes

In the feed trough of Coolio

In the column 'In the feeding trough of...' we show what the sport horse gets to eat. This time we have taken a look into the feeding trough of show jumper Marcus Ehning's Coolio 

Name of horse: Coolio
Age: 10 years old
Level: international show jumping 1.60m
Character: Coolio is a very friendly horse in the stable and in training. Really a very uncomplicated horse to handle. 

Feeding schedule at a normal training day at home 

6.30 am: ¾ scoop of Pavo SportsFit
Coolio has unlimited roughage available. 
11.30 am: ½ scoop of Pavo SportsFit 
5.00 pm: ¾ scoop of Pavo SportsFit and 1 scoop of Pavo SlobberMash

Why does the ration look like this?
All our sport horses get Pavo SportsFit, they really like this muesli. In fact, SportsFit contains everything Coolio and the other horses need. The combination of ingredients in this muesli ensures that he has plenty of stamina and can train quickly and extensively. This is something that is very important in show jumping. In addition, this feed gives the horses a beautiful shine on their coat.