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23 januari 2024 Reading time 1 minutes

Finding and combining the correct raw materials

Tailor-made solutions for every target group

Pavo is constantly looking for innovative raw materials and additives that contribute to the health of the horse. At Pavo we never stand still. A team of professionals work on the development and maintenance of our products. Nutritionist Pleun Broeren explains what is involved in the (further) development of products and the continuous search for good raw materials.

Assembling products and combining the right raw materials is a complicated task. Only raw materials of high quality and often with an optimal nutritional value can optimally contribute to the health and performance of the horse in every phase of life in the right combination. 

Pleun Broeren: "Of course, it always starts with the question for what is the product intended for: what is the horse's need and what is needed to meet this need? The nutrients are immediately linked to these goals with the corresponding raw materials. These must ensure that the feed gives the intended result. The first step is to look at the target group, what exactly do the horses need for which the feed is intended: "For example, what kind of energy does the horse need. Horses that have to perform an endurance performance need slow released energy. Therefore, the feed for these horses must contain more fats and fibres. With horses that have to make a short intensive effort, you ensure there is quickly available energy in the feed, in the form of sugar and starch."

Compiling a recipe is always a puzzle. What exactly suits which target group? "In older horses, or horses with for example a metabolic disease, you want to limit the content of sugar and starch as much as possible." In addition to energy, the protein requirement is of great importance. "Is it a pair of mare pants or a sports chunk? Are they still growing horses or old horses? This all plays a part." Then there are the additives: "For horses with special needs, we look very specifically at how we can supplement the recipes with certain additives. We always base the choices for this on the scientifically proven effectiveness of a product."

Trends that come from the well-known Pavo Roughage Quickscan can also contribute to the further development of our products: "For example, we know that nowadays there is less and less protein and more sugars in the roughage. We can then respond to this with the development of our products."

And so Broeren, together with the product development team, is always busy adapting existing recipes and looking at opportunities for new products and raw materials. With everything, it is important that it is a great addition to Pavo's range in order to contribute even more to the well-being of the horse. Because the development in horse nutrition never stands still.

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