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31 januari 2024 Reading time 0 minutes

Pavo and Knegt join forces

The collaboration between Knegt tractors and Pavo horse feed guarantees double horsepower! During the KWPN Stallion Show, the largest stallion show in the world, the collaboration will be officially launched.

"What binds us is quality, always going for the best. And of course our customers, the people who keep horses," explains Jeroen van Eerd, director of Knegt. "Our tractors and machines are the perfect stablehand and take care of the outdoors, where Pavo is the fuel for the horses themselves. So it's the perfect combination!” For the coming year, a number of playful ideas under the heading of 'double horsepower' are planned.

The first playful action coming up is a win action with the grand prize of two Pavo-style Knegt tractors. This international win action will start in February and for a chance to win one of these 30hp eye-catchers, anyone can participate who buys 2 Pavo products and then uploads a voucher.  

In addition, when selling its products, Knegt Tractors will give away Pavo feed vouchers worth €1,000 each, including a roughage analysis and personal feed advice. 

 Aart Freriks, director at Pavo, is very enthusiastic about the collaboration with Knegt Tractors: "Never before has Pavo organised an international win campaign with such a unique prize. By joining hands, both Pavo and Knegt can offer something extra to their customers. That is what we are always looking for, just that little bit extra."

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