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13 februari 2024 Reading time 1 minutes

New year, new name: discover Pavo Ahiflower®Oil

Because the power of Pavo OmegaFit goes much further than just supplementing omega fatty acids in the ration, this product will now continue under the name Pavo Ahiflower®Oil. As a result, the oil is now named after what has always been the main ingredient of this unique oil; namely the Ahiflower®Oil. The product supports natural recovery. It makes your horse feel better, move better and look better. 

Pavo Ahiflower®Oil is a unique vegetable oil that supports continuous repair processes in the body. Think of recovery processes in the area of tendons and joints, muscles, resistance, skin and coat. The power of this oil has been proven both scientifically and in practice. Scientific research has shown that the Pavo Ahiflower®Oil supports optimal inflammation levels and thus promotes overall health and performance. 

But what exactly is supporting an optimal level of inflammation? And how does that help your horse? Pleun Broeren, nutritionist at Pavo explains: "If there is a 'problem' in the body, the immune system recognizes it and takes action. As an immune response, the body creates inflammation. The body sends inflammatory cells to the problem area to repair the damaged tissue. So inflammation is actually a recovery process. It is important to control the level of inflammation. If this doesn’t happen, the inflammation becomes a wild fire, causing more damage instead of promoting recovery. This oil helps your horse to provide the best possible immune response, so that your horse recovers better and simply feels better. Ideal if your horse needs to recover after illness, or if you feel that he is just not fully fit. But it can also support your horse during the change of season, which puts extra pressure on the immune system." 

For all horses 

Pleun Broeren: "Every horse benefits from Pavo Ahiflower®Oil. It is a real all-rounder. For example, it also helps sport horses to recover better after training, keeps older horses supple and has a good effect on skin and coat problems. When using this oil, your horse will look radiant." 

In addition to all these health benefits for your horse, Pavo Ahiflower®Oil is also good for the planet because it is grown in a sustainable way. A dedicated group of UK farmers use regenerative farming practices and follow traceability protocols to do so. During the growing season of the Ahiflower®crops, a lot of monitoring takes place with special attention to soil health, pollinator activity and biodiversity. 

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