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1 maart 2024 Reading time 0 minutes

Data Breach with Carrier AB Texel

We would like to inform you about a recently discovered data breach with our carrier, AB Texel. This incident may also involve data that we share with this carrier in order to deliver products to you. Although this does not impact the service you can expect from us, we find this situation regrettable. We consider your privacy and the protection of your data to be of utmost importance and take this incident very seriously.

The data that may have been leaked includes contact information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, and delivery details. The likelihood of someone having accessed your data is low, but we advise you to remain vigilant for suspicious messages. For instance, never respond to a message that looks suspicious, and verify with the sender if they indeed sent the message. Never click on a link you do not trust, and do not open attachments from untrusted sources. Further tips can be found on this website.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and, in collaboration with AB Texel, are taking all necessary measures to prevent a recurrence of this incident.

Thank you for your understanding.