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11 maart 2024 Reading time 1 minutes

Large feed donation very welcome at animal welfare society Klepperstall

Klepperstal e.V. received a sizeable feed donation from us last week. The animal welfare society provides a loving home to some 80 horses in need. At Pavo, we are happy to make a sustainable contribution to the welfare of these horses by donating high-quality feed tailored to the individual needs of the sheltered horses. Mrs Kossman, treasurer of Klepperstall e.V., comments, "When we received Pavo's request, we were overjoyed, as a donation of this magnitude is not an everyday occurrence for us and a great blessing!" 

Klepperstall is an exemplary animal welfare association in Zülpich-Langendorf, caring for needy animals, especially horses, since it was founded in 2015. The stable provides a loving home for a diverse group of horses, including former school or sport horses, financial emergencies, and those living in poor conditions. Regardless of health or age, they find a place in Klepperstall, often spending their last days there.

Currently housing 80 horses, Klepperstall's exact number varies based on demand and available resources. Horses come to the stable in various ways—some are given up by previous owners, while others are rescued from precarious situations.

The range of horses at Klepperstall is diverse, including healthy, sick, young and old ones that often require special care. The association collaborates closely with veterinarians, farriers, physiotherapists, and osteopaths to meet the individual needs of the horses. Groundwork and riding training promote movement and enhance the well-being of the animals, sustained by continuous donations.

Klepperstall's primary goal is to provide horses with a species-appropriate life in a herd. Ideally, horses are adopted, but the association grants every horse a lifelong residence on the farm. Care includes not only sufficient movement but also thoughtful nutrition, with horses receiving continuous forage to meet their natural grazing behavior.

Financial resources for the stable's operation are gathered through various means, including the crucial involvement of volunteers who undertake many tasks at Klepperstall. Donations, membership fees, and targeted fundraising are essential to maintaining and expanding the high standards in equine protection.

The existence of Klepperstall is vital as it offers a second chance to suffering horses, providing them with a loving and caring environment. Pavo's generous donation of high-quality feed ensures that horses at Klepperstall can lead a fulfilling and happy life.

Mrs. Kossman, Treasurer at Klepperstall e.V., recalls Pavo's request: "When we received the inquiry from Pavo, we were overjoyed because a donation of this magnitude is not an everyday occurrence for us and a great blessing!" Both parties share the same goal with dedication to the welfare of horses, from young foals to older ones, emphasizing the joint mission of both organizations to contribute long-term to the happiness and health of horses.

The caring treatment of horses by the animal welfare association ensures that they find a loving home or have a place for a lifetime, allowing them to lead a fulfilling life.

Klepperstall always welcomes donations, as they are crucial to maintaining the loving care and support of needy horses. Every donation, whether financial or in-kind, helps the association continue its comprehensive work.