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25 maart 2024 Reading time 2 minutes

Moving to Nunner results in a major sustainability boost

The relocation of our webshop shipments to Nunner Logistics fits perfectly into the Pavo Planet Program. With this step, we not only reduce the number of transport movements, but we are also preventing waste. Supply chain manager Koen Heikens takes us through the day-to-day operations of our warehouse partner Nunner Logistics.

"It's quite a change," Heikens kicks off. "Previously, one large load was shipped every week for the external webshop warehouse. Now all individual orders come in here and hundreds of packages are prepared for shipment. This is a much more laborious process, but it was easy to fit into the existing operation. Of course, this all has to be done in the most efficient way possible," The move required quite a bit of preparation to weave the webshop process into the existing operation and systems. Especially because different parties each have their own system, it is important that this runs in sync. But now that we have been on the road for a few weeks, we can safely speak about a successful operation.

Sustainable choice

Heikens explains why the switch to Nunner for shipping was a logical, but above all sustainable choice. "We faced considerable challenges in terms of quality control and throughput. There were a lot of transport movements and because we had to keep an eye on the stock in two places, we could not always deal with this efficiently. Now there is better availability of the products." Heikens explains why: "All our stock for both B2B and B2C is now in one location. From the moment they arrive, we monitor exactly how long the shelf life of the products is. Products that go to retailers, for example, still have a minimum shelf life of six months. This is because they are often in the store for a while before they reach the customer. But products that are sold through our webshop can be a little under six months because it goes directly to the customer. For each product, it very clearly states how long the shelf life is when it leaves the warehouse. Because all stock is now in one place, we can also keep a close eye on how many products leave the warehouse within that set period. After all, if a product falls below that shelf life, it will eventually have to go to waste and we would rather prevent that."

Shipping & Transportation

When it comes to shipping and transport, a big step has also been taken in sustainability. "We have been able to put an end to all transit movements between the former external warehouse and 's-Heerenberg." Heikens indicates that they would like to take an extra step in the sustainability of transport. "There is quite a difference between whether a customer wants to have their products delivered tomorrow, or whether it can be done within four days, for example. We are looking for ways to make progress in this area as well, so that we can plan even more efficiently. It is preferable to deliver as much volume as possible within as few kilometres as possible."

Quality assurance

As in all links in the chain around the production of horse feed, quality control is also of crucial importance in our warehouse process. "During goods receipt of all products, we are very critical of whether they meet all requirements. This applies to the products we produce ourselves, but also to products that we receive from external suppliers. We check whether the product is physically in order and whether the expiration date is as agreed. As soon as the products leave the warehouse, they are also checked again. We want to transfer everything well. If something is not right, we will solve it immediately. Only when everything is in order can the cargo leave." 

Heikens indicates that Nunner Logistics is a perfect match for Pavo's core values. "They are flexible but driven and are continuously working to improve the processes. If necessary, they put their finger on the sore spot, whether it's with themselves or with us."