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10 april 2024 Reading time 1 minutes

Mühldorfer Pferdefutter and Pavo are helping each other reach a higher level

Mühldorfer Pferdefutter has been part of Pavo for more than three years. The authentic German brand with its very own brand identity, unique products and faithful customer base has secured a strong position on the German market. A treasure trove of knowledge has been exchanged the last few years between Pavo and Mühldorfer. 

The core of the Mühldorfer Pferdefutter brand philosophy is the conviction that nature supplies all essential nutrient components and vital elements that are needed for horse feed. This is the reason why the use of natural raw materials forms the cornerstone for putting together a tailor-made feed to comply with both a diet and performance-oriented requirement, which is closely related to Pavo's ethos.

Natural ingredients

Mühldorfer focuses on the use of natural ingredients and avoids chemical binding agents, extractants, preservatives and superfluous fillers or inferior mill by-products. All products are, moreover, certified to be GMO-free with a special organic product line. Many recipes have been developed in collaboration with animal clinics and vets, which highlights the commitment of Mühldorfer to find an optimum balance between innovation and using the power of nature.

Support healthy digestion

A striking feature of many Mühldorfer Pferdefutter products is the enrichment with prebiotic Mühldorfer Topinambur concentrate, designed to support the development of a healthy intestinal flora. This improves the long-term vitality and wellbeing of horses. All Mühldorfer products have been developed to support healthy digestion. Flagship products such as Mucovital prebiotic (stomach health) and Revital Klinikum prebiotic (intestine health) are two of these products. This is why owners with horses with specific needs often choose for the very specialised range of this brand.


A treasure trove of knowledge has been exchanged the last few years between the two brands and product development has been closely aligned to the needs of horses and their owners. Mühldorfer recipes have, for example, formed an inspiration for the development of Pavo GutSecure and Pavo GastricEase. By combining their strengths and, at the same time, holding onto their own visions, these brands have their own product line that is aligned to the various requirements of horses. This synergy helps to assist an even larger number of horse owners and guarantees optimum support of their horses..