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23 april 2024 Reading time 2 minutes

Pavo Professional for large stables: more than just feed

Short lines, fast links and tailor-made horse feed; all features of a successful partnership between Pavo and Zwienenberg Horse Feed. Where required, a total solution is possible in the area of horse feed, but also advice in relation to legislation and regulations. Horse owners with 12 horses or more can use this unique plan. “This means that horse owners can do what they are good at and they do not need to deal with the hassle around it.” 

Horses are what drives Tony Zwienenberg, owner of Zwienenberg Horse Feed. He knows as no other what the preferences are of the professional horse owner. “This already starts with ensuring you have the right drivers on the lorry. Our drivers know how they need to access a horse business: at a walking pace. They are patient when the customer is dealing with a horse and do not mind waiting a little while. They look at the silos where the feed is stored along with us so that we always keep fresh and safe feed for the horses. They also give tailor-made advice when needed. Our lorries stand out and can be recognised. This has turned out to be a good advertisement method. It is why I sometimes get calls from other horse owners who have seen our lorries somewhere to ask if we can also deliver to them.”

Monitoring automatically

Zwienenberg Horse Feed can provide horse owners a total solution: “More and more horse owners are making use of this option. We know through sensors when we need to deliver again. We can also make optimal use of our own self-weighing bulk trailer that can weigh the feed on-site.” Zwienenberg Horse Feed delivers twice a week both in the Netherlands and in Germany. 
The lorries are equipped with the Webfleet navigation system, which makes it possible to indicate the exact time of delivery. “We work with fixed drivers and therefore it is not an issue when nobody is home. They know the way and can deal with the situation independently.”

Switch to a silo

As from 12 horses, switching from bagged feed or big boxes to feeding from a silo becomes interesting in accordance with Zwienenberg. “We can also offer a total solution regarding this. You can order in bulk as from 1000 kg. We can install a silo. We supply new or second-hand silos. A silo can be installed outdoors, but we can also take a silo in components indoors at a location and build it there. The last delivered silo was even installed in the loft. It does not take up any space and only runs through a tube downstairs, which can be used to fill the feed cart.”
According to Zwienenberg, horse owners who have switched do not want to go back anymore. “Firstly, their feed has become a lot cheaper and, secondly, you do not need to drag feed bags anymore and you can also easily order by using our ordering app. We, of course, also supply bagged feed and big boxes via dropshipping. Useful when you do not want a full silo of a specific feed type. There are terms and conditions, however, that apply regarding minimum orders.”

Tailor-made feed

Feeding from bulk from 4 metric tons can also have another significant benefit. “We can even mix the feed in a tailor-made manner as from this quantity. We can determine based on a forage analysis what the horses need additionally and establish the correct composition of the pellets. We can then supply feed that is totally geared towards the requirements of the user.” This feed will, naturally, continue to meet the high standards that we have at Pavo. The nutritionists monitor closely whether the adjustments are in line with what Pavo stands for. 

Legislation and regulations

Horse owners need to deal more and more with changing legislation and regulations. Zwienenberg Horse Feed can also offer support in this. “We have started a partnership with FarmConsult of ForFarmers for this. This means that we can also support horse owners regarding manure accountancy, combined issues and licence applications. A horse business can use a free-of-charge check regarding this last issue. We have created an app called PaReg for the horse owner to offer support for registering and deregistering at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). The PaReg app is a simple app to register all horses fast. By registering the horse in the app upon arrival, track is kept exactly how long the relevant horse has already been staying at your site and how many days you still have to register at the RVO.”
In short, through the partnership between Pavo and Zwienenberg Horse Feed, it is possible to offer the horse owner a total solution. 

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