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Pavo Refills

Less plastic - more sustainability

As part of our Pavo Planet Programme, we integrated refill packs into our portfolio some time ago. The three refill products (Pavo Vital, NervControl und MuscleBuild) have since been very well received and, in keeping with the motto "less plastic - more sustainability", we have already been able to save a lot of plastic packaging. Our refills, like our other paper packaging, are of course made exclusively from FSC® paper. We are currently planning to expand our refill range.

Ahiflower contributes to soil preparation

and is a sustainable alternative to fish oil!

Ahiflower is a plant that provides an oil rich in good omega fatty acids (EPA, DHA and SDA), in addition it is grown regeneratively, which means that in the cultivation process it contributes to soil, pollinator activity and biodiversity. Ahiflower thus helps to replenish the soils organic matter and restore degraded soil biodiversity.


Did you know that one hectare of Ahiflower produces as much omega oil as 450,000 anchovies?

Source: https://www.ahiflower.com/

A plantbased alternative to fish oil

The natural power of Ahiflower® oil

The horse cannot produce essential fatty acids itself, although these are important for many processes in the horse's body.
This is where Ahiflower® comes in! It has an advanced fatty acid composition, which means that you get both omega 3, 6 and 9 and at the same time in highly available form (EPA, DHA and SDA). 

Many horses will benefit from OmegaFit supplementation, and Ahiflower's efficacy is scientifically tested.

Ahiflower® is tasty, so it is easy to get the horse to eat it.

Pavo Ahiflower®Oil

Current initiatives

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Pavo refill bags: less plastic - more for the environment. To give our packaging a longer life and save plastic, you can refill them.


We only use FSC paper and have managed to change our feed bags from three layers of paper to two layers, saving around 20% paper in our packaging.


All materials used by Pavo are 100% recyclable! This means that they are returned to the cycle after disposal and will be reused.