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What do you think are the biggest poluter?

Small steps matter!

The CO2 footprint of a private individual is only small compared to that of a large company. Nevertheless, it is wise to find out what small things you can change yourself to contribute to a happier. Also we started with small steps to make the change. Because even the small steps matter.

Our researches gave us guidance where to start and which road to follow. Join us on our journey and find out how you can contribute too.


What are we looking at?

In the research “Into the equine future, How sustainable is keeping a Horse? January 2022, Van Hall Larenstein University – KNHS – Pavo” the various aspects of keeping a horse was divided into three clusters.

  • Outside the stable (fields, arenas, vehicles)
  • Inside the stable (building, bedding materials, tools)
  • Equipment for the horse and the rider (riding gear, horse tack)

The research showed that in Dutch conditions, the estimated emission of CO2 is 5900 kg of CO2 per horse per year when you keep a horse at home. As a comparison: the total CO2 emission of an average Dutch person is 10.000 kg CO2 per year. The biggest part of the CO2 footprint is caused by the feed (roughage and concentrates) that a horse eats. The (production of) roughage is responsible for more than half of the total CO2 footprint of keeping a horse. In second place transportation (car & trailer use) of horses comes in with an average of 870 kg CO2 emissions per year and in third place the bedding materials (straw and shavings) where found.

The aim of the study

Raise the awareness in the equine sector for the factors that influence the CO2-footprint of keeping horses.

We are already working on reducing our emission

What initiatives has Pavo taken to promote sustainability?

We are already working on reducing our emission and here are some of the things we have done up until now:

  • We only use GMO-free ingredients
  • We use 100% sustainable soya
  • We don’t use Palm oil in our products
  • Our paper packaging exclusively consists of FSC® -paper
  • We reduced 20% of the plastic packaging
  • We only use 100% reused plastic
  • We started making refill bags for our supplements

Do you want to learn more about Pavo and how we work with reducing our CO2 footprint?