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Pleun Broeren
20 mei 2024 Reading time 2 minutes

What is the difference between Pavo E'lyte and Pavo ReHydrate?

Pavo E'lyte and Pavo ReHydrate are both supplements for horses that sweat and/or have to work hard. They also both contain electrolytes – the salts that horses lose when they sweat but each has a different function. In this article we explain the differences to you.

What are electrolytes?

Just like us humans, in addition to moisture, a sweating horse loses body salts such as sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium. These are also called electrolytes. These substances play an indispensable role in keeping the acidity of the blood stable and thus all organs functioning, including the muscles. For the optimal function of your horse, it is therefore important to replenish lost body salts on time.

Did you know, horses that sweat normally (wet under the saddle and some foam spots at the reins and between the hind legs) already lose 12-16 teaspoons of salt? Read more about how much salt horses lose when they sweat.

How do you know when to replenish salt?

If you do not replenish salts in time, a deficiency can arise. You can notice this in the stamina of your horse: he becomes lethargic, listless and drags his heels. In severe deficiencies there is even a risk of dehydration and colic. Do you notice that your horse can no longer keep up with his work and is lethargic?

If so, there is a good chance that you need to supplement with salt. This can be done with a salt block or lick, but it is better to give electrolytes especially for horses, such as Pavo E'lyte or Pavo ReHydrate.

Pavo E'lyte: electrolytes for optimal endurance.

Pavo E'lyte is a complete electrolyte supplement made from very small chunks.  It contains all the necessary body salts (electrolytes) in the correct proportions. The proportions are especially important for good supplementation and absorption!

Suitable for: (sport) horses and ponies that sweat. It is suitable for every discipline.
Feeding advice: you can give Pavo E'lyte before, during and after work. For light work, 100 grams per day is sufficient. With intensive effort, where there is a lot of sweating and/or very hot weather, you can increase this to 200 grams per day. For a pony feed half the amount. Tip: mix Pavo E'lyte with slobber or Pavo FibreBeet. In this way, your horse is guaranteed to eat the tasty feed and immediately gets extra moisture. It is also ideal for competitions!

Pavo E'lyte is a complete electrolyte mix to replenish salts that are lost through sweating.

Pavo ReHydrate: sports drink for a quick recovery

Pavo ReHydrate is a sports drink (liquid) for the real top athletes! It is a concentrated sports drink with electrolytes and glucose which together ensure that your horse recovers quickly after strenuous exercise. The right combination of electrolytes and the high proportion of glucose is what makes this product so unique. It not only ensures a direct recovery of the electrolyte balance but also replenishes energy. In addition, when taking ReHydrate, natural thirst is stimulated so that your horse will drink more quickly and restore its natural moisture balance.

  • Suitable for: sport horses after strenuous exercise and after a loss of many electrolytes due to heavy sweating. Also suitable for transport horses and for horses showing symptoms of dehydration. Pavo ReHydrate is widely used in endurance sports, such as eventing.
  • Feeding advice: give Pavo ReHydrate after exercise, such as heavy training or competition. You can dissolve it in drinking water, mix with the food or administer directly into the mouth with a syringe. Very important: in all cases make sure that your horse has access to sufficiently cool, clean and fresh drinking water! The dosage depends on the method of feeding and the intensity of work. View Pavo ReHydrate's feeding instructions for this.

Pavo ReHydrate is a sports drink for real top athletes given after hard work to support a quick recovery!

Can you also combine Pavo E'lyte and Pavo ReHydrate?

Absolutely! If you are passionate about sporting activities with your horse, take part in endurance sports and/or are regularly on the road with the trailer, the combination of Pavo E'lyte and Pavo ReHydrate is a very good one. This is how you offer complete sports care: give Pavo E'lyte before work for maximum endurance and afterwards mix Pavo ReHydrate with drinking water, with the food, or spray it directly into the mouth for a quick recovery of electrolytes, fluid and energy.

So the difference between Pavo E'lyte and Pavo ReHydrate is:

•           kibble vs. drink (liquid)

•           electrolytes vs. electrolytes and glucose

•           prior to work vs. after work

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